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It’s another tuesday and I am feeling good and happy. One thing about tuesdays is that I read so many amazing comments and I get new visitors every tuesday. The most important part of tuesday for me is the comments 😊😊

Today’s topic

We have different channels and social groups all connected to blurt and they are all doing their best to promote blurt in their own way and engage with users. I find these social groups very interesting and what to hear your thoughts about those who run them.
Namely @blurtcast which is the telegram group of @clixmoney .
@blurtconnect-ng which is the WhatsApp group created and managed by @chibubuzorwisdom and his team members and finally @blurtafrica which is created and manage by myself @bestkizito and team members.
@techclub created and managed by @tekraze and his curation team.

Follow and join these groups

Blurtcast click here
Blurtconnect-ngclick here
Techclub click here
Blurtafrica click here


  1. Re you in any of these communities?
  2. What do you think about blurtcast, blurtconnect, techclub and blurtafrica?
  3. Write short notes about these communities leaders namely. What you like and dislike about them
  4. What do you think each of these communities stand for or what they do?
  5. Do you think you can ever be a whale on blurt? Reason for your answer 🙂😢
  6. Have you ever invited anyone to let’s talk tuesday? If not why not?
  7. What attracts you to let’s talk tuesday?
  8. Why haven’t you bought gamestate tokens when you can own up to a million tokens for some few $??


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I was busy this week but will join next week surely. It's nice that people open up here and answer about things freely.

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This is Impressive. I belong to @blurtconnect-ng group
@chibuzorwisdom is doing a great work there. He's indeed a good man. I'm also a member @blurtafrica group.

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Wow! These responses are amazing. I know for sure that the those handli those social media handles can read these messages and respond to them but in words and characters where necessary...The consequent result is to help tje management of those social media handles to better the promotion of Blurt and their behaviors at those various handles will either make it possible for blurt to strive or destroy it.
This in my words can be said to be "democracy" where everyone is allowed to contribute for the growth of the system and individuals at large because if Blurt grows everyone will benefit it and not the founders alone....
Love you all.. Let Blurt lead. I am sure that @megadrive is also heavily involved and read almost evrything as seen in his votes...
Let blurt strive

It's let's talk Tuesday and I came in late and tired but I read through and enjoyed all the entries.... Well I am in all the groups you mentioned but I'll skip this segment cus I am done answering questions today after my exams.

Congratulations Revd Dickson.

How was your exam boss

It really went well

Good thing to hear sir

Nice to be here again, I will just answer some few questions or maybe all in my own understanding.

1). I'm in all community

  1. from the few post have seen I think is great looking forward to join in one day.

3). all community Leaders are amazing, can't start writing how amazing the leaders are, want to be like them someday.. keep up the good work..

4). I think this community helps to build individual differences and to carry everyone along just like family.. in essence for promotional purposes..

5). I'm going to be a whale, because I will buy blurt and stand in my own space to help newbies..

6). yes I have

7). the interaction

8). have not yet bought but I will very soon.

You should make sure you join all sir…they are great community

  1. Yes, I'm in Blurtcast and BlurtAfrica. I didn't know about the other two, but I'll check them out.
  2. These are all great platforms and they are being managed amazingly by people with passionate love for Blurt.
  3. @clixmoney @chibuzorwisdom @tekraze, @bestkizito are very wonderful people. They dedicate their time and efforts towards the success of Blurt. If we have more people like them here, Blurt will not delay in it's growth. The platforms they manage have helped both newbies and older people to grow and improve on Blurt.
  4. They all stand for the promotion of Blurt. They try to increase the number of Blurtians and also show them how to use the platform.
  5. I will be a whale someday. I'll keep Blurting and powering up.
  6. Yes, I've invited @praisejah and @daniel1997.
  7. The interesting discussions and interactions is what draws me to Let's talk Tuesday. I love it.
  8. I'll soon buy State. I didn't know how to go about it, but I do now. Thanks to @bestkizito.

It's always nice to be here 😊☺️

Good to know you will check other communities

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  1. Yes, I am in blurtcast and BlurtAfrica.
  2. Blurtcast blurtconnect, techclub and BlurtAfrica areall beautiful platform. They don't just exist to promote Blurt, but they also teach new users how to navigate the community.
  3. @clixmoney is a great Blurtian and he manages the telegram group "blurtcast" very well.
    @Chibuzorwisdom is an ambitious person. I like the way he handles Blurtconnect.
    @tekraze is also the boss of Techclub and he's doing a great job.
    @bestkizito my man, Thanks for handling Blurtafrica the way you do. It's always a pleasure having you there.
  4. I think this communities work for a common goal which is to promote blurt and bring more people to the community, and also discuss about how Blurt can grow everyday.
  5. Yes, everything is possible. I believe that one day I will also be a whale on Blurt. I just need to accumulate more blurt power and also buy more Blurt.
  6. No I have not. I'll do that next week.
  7. I'm always looking forward to let's talk Tuesday. The discussions are always very interesting. Kudos to @bestkizito.
  8. I just got to understand slightly what gamestate is all about last week, and @bestkizito shared on BlurtAfrica that we can buy State on tribaldex, so I'll try it out.
  1. Yes, I am in blurtafrica
  2. I'm only familiar with blurtafrica because that's the only group I belong. It's a WhatsApp group that helps promote blurt, helps newbies on how to sign up, etc.
  3. I'm only familiar with @bestkizito. The only thing I know about him is that he coordinates LETS TALK TUESDAY and nothing more.
  4. Sincerely speaking, I don't know what they stand for and what they do.
  5. I don't really understand what you mean by "be a whale on blurt". It will be a pleasure if you can simplify that statement.
  6. I've invited someone several times, even today.
  7. What attracts me to it is that, it's and interactive session where I know more about blurt.
  8. I haven't gotten enough cash to buy it.

Greetings guys!
I am again late to this one my favourite day. I have been waiting for this very patiently. Already there are so many comments, read some of them and it is a lot of fun. Let's see the answers for these questions!

  • 1- I am not in of these communities but I will join them soon.

  • 2- @blurtcast, @blurtconnect, @blurtafrica and @techclub are really nice and good communities. All are doing great to promote blurt, appreciate best contents creators and come with super things for us.

  • 3- @clixmoney is an intelligent and imaginary person, @chibuzorwisdom is a man of wide vision and great purpose, @tekraze paji is a hard working developer doing really well for the blurt developing centre. It goes without saying that @bestkizito is known for his impressive actions and activities.

4- As I said all these communities stand for the promotion of blurt. They are encouraging such bloggers who create quality posts. I don't think that I need to advise them because they awesome team members.

5- It's very tough but I wish I will be one day.

6- My answer is no, I never thought of it.

7- A lot of things attract me to let's talk tuesday and most of them is that nany users from different places join it and make the show interesting. To get them is great feeling.

8- Because I haven't money to invest.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Well you don't need money to invest, all you need is a step in the right direction.

You can take a step of using 10 USD. 🤬

Please make sure you join them soon as you will love the spirit of the communities


Secondly please this is a very interesting aspect

Why haven’t you bought gamestate tokens when you can own up to a million tokens for some few $??

I'm new here and I would love to have full and complete knowledge about this gamestate tokens so I can also start my own part of the investment and stakings if any.
Any links to better explain it? I would deeply appreciate and I know other members who have no idea about it would appreciate too!

I’m with you boss…just chilling for the time I have capital too so I can invest

Alright sir I will do that

Re you in any of these communities?

I am a member of blurtafrica and blurtconnect. The other I will check it out.

What do you think about blurtcast, blurtconnect, techclub and blurtafrica?

These Communities are the reason I am still active on the blurt platform, If not for this communities and the believe that blurt is the future I would have just let it be, I hardly get supported.

Write short notes about these communities leaders namely. What you like and dislike about them
@clixmoney, @chibuzorwisdom, @tekraze and @bestkizito

Such great and influential people we have, @chibuzorwisdom he supported me and ensured I stick to the rules of the platform, @bestkizito a boss indeed.

What do you think each of these communities stand for or what they do?

No doubt that they are great communities that are bent on rewarding users for bringing quality contents to the platform.

Do you think you can ever be a whale on blurt? Reason for your answer 🙂😢

Becoming a whale is not a day job, therefore I can only try to be one. I believe I can be a whale someday though it might take long.

Have you ever invited anyone to let’s talk tuesday? If not why not?

Yes, I invited @staryl last week.

What attracts you to let’s talk tuesday?

Getting to make new blurt friends, it's fun when I read comments and replies.

Why haven’t you bought gamestate tokens when you can own up to a million tokens for some few $??

I would have loved to but my expenses outweighs my income 🥺😔.

You are very right…these communities have made a lot of people more active on this platform

Wow!! You have raised very intriguing concerns about the social groups managed and ran by people who love to promote Blurt and that is simply amazing. Going through each of those comments was great and even fun....🤣🤣 I am relatively new on this platform and i am just getting to know about some of the social media groups. Of course i have joined some and would join the rest aat the end of this comment.
So far, i have received a warn reception at Blurtafrica managed by @bestkizito and the telegram group (blurtcast) managed by @clixmoney whom i hope to become my friend lolz🤣🤣🤣
Sincerely i have a great fantacy about these groups who are united in purpose and the best way to describe them is simply "Wonderful Family" I am sure at @megadrive will be proud of it. Just the way the society moved from writting letters to emails which are easier and faster and consume less of nature, so will Blurt bring people together to express themselves via the blog itself and those mediums to meet and connect without necessarily meeting pysically.
Thanks to @chibuzorwisdom for his own efforts. Im here he wont remember that we also met in Makurdi Benue state when he come visiting lol.
For now let me also still observe the other social media platforms and would comment on them subsequently.....meanwhile i am impressed with @meritahama with her ctive nature. I just couldnt but notice her...You ar doing well...I am already crushing on you🤣🤣🤣
I hope to have an amazing time

I will nor say anything

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Lolz....You just need to relax and blush....You already worn for yourself a Crush🥰🥰

Hahaha thanks, I'm honored 😊

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Please don’t go and crush on my boss oo 😂😂😂 my boss get wife already

She is still my crush....But dont let me steal her from you🤣🤣


Eh eh ehmmm "clears throat"
I would like to answer a few of this questions because I'm not sure I can relate to every question 😅.
I'm only in few of this communities like the blurtconnect-ng and blurt Africa I'm yet to try other numerous communities although one of my favourite community was not listed here today so I'll wait for another day 😄
so far so good, they are really doing great in terms of
their content's and post curations I've seen.

Today also happens to be my first time on let's talk Tuesday 😊 so I hope i am welcomed
Scrolling down the long slip of comments it's already looking really fascinating to have so much engagements and activities on a blurt post which is rare and difficult to find on some random post anywhere on blurt. Thanks to @merit.ahama she invited me here.
When I arrived into the let's talk Tuesday post here, I felt like I was in an occasion.
"please Who de share food"😅

So happy we have a new member on our let’s talk Tuesday. We are beginning to have more people joining us. This is so encouraging

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Yes.. and I'm more than excited to see the Wonderful form of open engagement here I'm blessed already with that because it's something I've never seen before here

You just come dey ask for food 🙄 bad character, who teach you that one? Hope it's not me, I don't eat much.

But wait o, who dey share food abeg? 🙄😅🤣

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

@merit.ahama haha it's not really my fault. It was just the spirit when I came in here😄.
Now you are following me to look for food😅 better rest o.

1.) I regard myself as member of blurt communities as a whole or kind of adopted by these communities as an orphan.

2.)I think blurtcast, blurtconnect, techclub and blurtafrica needed more support so that they can could serve more vigor and happiness to the community.

3.) @clixmoney = Finds and serves more ways to make members to interact.
@chibuzorwisdom = Very supportive and selfless leader.
@tekraze = His technical know-how is very valuable for the health of the blockchain.
@bestkizito = Passionately supports the communities with all his heart.

I can't find any factor to dislike these fellows. 👍

4.) We needed communities, it is what people tries to find and discover to put themselves into so that they can have a sense of belongingness.

5.) I don't think I can be a whale anytime soon, I still have limited funds to make that happen.

6.) Maybe @mineopoly can join the conversations here, its my first invite. It is a bit hard to invite people especially if they are not interested.

7.) "Let's talk Tuesday" is a very friendly gathering and I do not have to worry about hostile responses and those cancel culture people that gets triggered because of my opposing views to some subject. 😅

8.) I might buy gamestate tokens now with my spare hive and more when I get more funds.

Thank you so much @cryptopie for the support you are giving me even on blurt discord
You are a good man
I appreciate them all
Thank you

I don't think I can be a whale anytime soon, I still have limited funds to make that happen.

You shouldn’t be negative at all…anything can actually happen. You just have to be positive and keep up the good work

I couldn't agree more, the world is round and things may happen outside our expectations.👍

But we must remain positive and expect the best.

Exactly sir👍


Thank you so much for the promotions.
You have been an amazing friend and colleague to me.
A lot have been said about me already
Let me humbly reply them all
Happy Tuesday Good People


Please make your way to blurt official telegram group and stand a chance to win plenty BLURT in tomorrows discussion by 7am GMT+1

Thanks man

The man of wisdom 😎

I will be there, will you be there? 😅
Aproko things o

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One of the best community I’m in ☺️ I love the fact that your community is always active and loving to support us as users

Hi everyone!

It's Tuesday and it has become one my favourite days. I have been waiting for this very vigourously. To see many people from different countries and read their some comments is a great feel. Let's answer the questions!

1- Sincerely I'm not in of these communities but I have followed @blurtconnect on Twitter.

2- @blurtcast, @blurtconnect, @blurtafrica and @techclub are amazing communities. All are doing their best to promote blurt, encourage quality contents creators and bring amazing things for the entire blurt community.

3- @clixmoney has an exciting and revolutionary personality, @chibuzorwisdom is a man with great purpose, @tekraze is a hard working developer and no need to say anything about you @bestkizito, your actions and activities explain everything.

4- As I said all these communities stand for the sake of blurt. They are encouraging users who create quality contents. They should continue this as they are doing.

5- It's very difficult but I wish I will be, as everyone wants.

6- Honestly no, because I never thought for it.

7- Many things attract me towards Let's Talk Tuesday and most of them is that different users from diverse regions join it. To get them is another level feeling.

8- Oh, I don't know it. I will purchase.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Thank you so much for following us on Twitter

Well said, except for the part where you said you're not a whale yet 😂 some persons are accusing me of being a whale already... That means you're more than a whale.

What do you have to say about that?

Oh, I don't know it. I will purchase

Wow cool, purchase for two 😌

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Oh merit-ahama you're really good in your reply. 30k bp is very low. It's the morsel of a whale. I'm very far away. But you can call me, if you wish. 😜😜😜

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Hahaha great! I'll call you that anyways 😅😊

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

You're permited. 😉

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Merit you are a whale 😅😅 you re a suspect

Shuoooo even you too? I'm not na

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

I will indulge you to join these communities as they will be of advantage to you in achieving your blurt aims and objectives

O yes, as I said I will definitely join these communities.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Good 👍

Indulger, you are doing well 😅😌

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

😂😂😂😂😂🙏you are doing well to indulgee


Thanks a lot for promoting @blurtcast in this. This is really awesome. I hope more people will join us, and we will be able to promote more blurt members. The recent video is already trading in dtube and that may bring even more attention to blurt :

Wow trending on dtube already?! That's a good one... We hope to have more people on blurt, great work @blurtcast or should I say @clixmoney 😊

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Yeah, I have good following in dtube who support me from time to time. And you can say both, clixmoney, or blurtcast. Clixmoney is only me, but blurtcast is all we. ☺

Hahaha that's a good one to explain it... Blurtcast is all we 😅

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