LET US TALK- who is your favorite witness?

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Welcome to my favorite day on blurt. It is letโ€™s talk Tuesday and I am feeling happy as compared to last week. I stayed up very late to watch John Cena celebrate his 20 years WWE anniversary ๐Ÿ˜‡ Today we will talk about witness on blurt and gamestate.

Thank you to @chibuzorwisdom for buying @gamestate crested hoodie


  1. Who is your favorite witness?
  2. How do you feel about the price of blurt?
  3. Do you think the price of blurt will ever be upto? $0.99 at the end of 2022?
  4. How do we attract new investors on blurt?
  5. Who do you wish to see in top 20 witness?
  6. Should witness discussions be open for everyone to see?
  7. Have you bought a gamestate shirt or token? If no What re you waiting for?
  8. Why re you not voting me as witness?



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Thank you for always bringing the vibes on letโ€™s talk every tuesday I sincerely appreciate you. Please let us follow this user and make him feel special @chibuzorwisdom

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ย  ยท ย last monthย 

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Hello @bestkizito
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย (edited)

Thank you so much for the mention.
I am happy about the swift delivery of the gamestate T-shirt I bought from you.

I love most of the witnesses and have voted all my favorites ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅง๐Ÿฅง
I am hopeful that they will continue to put in their best to the betterment of the platform.

I joined when blurt was 7-10 Satoshi
I have seen it go high and low without reaching the above threshold.
I am very optimistic that blurt will reach $1 someday.

All we need is peace, harmony and unity to work in pari-passu and in sinequanon to achieve this $1 goal in no distant time.

Best way to attract more investors on blurt is through coordinated awareness campaigns on other social media platforms and massmedia/email marketing.

I prefer witness conversations to remain with the witnesses because leadership must be maintained in order to successfully manage the affairs of man.
What is good for me might not be pleasant to you.
If everything is thrown to the public, too many opinions will keep coming yielding so many interest with no sustainable result or agreement.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to express my opinions.

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

I donโ€™t really have a favourite. I appreciate everyone who contributes to the betterment of Blurt in whatever way they are able. And that also extends to those who arenโ€™t witnesses.

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 
  1. My favorite witness is @tekraze . Nevertheless, @bestkizito is becoming my favorite witness as well.
  2. It's quite disappointing but we all know the risk involved in crypto currency, so it's nothing.
  3. I Predicted it to be $0.09. I doubt if it can get to $0.99 but anything is possible in the world of crypto currencies.
  4. The best place to attract investors to blurt is on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, telegram etc. And probably blogging about it on other blogging platforms.
  5. @bestkizito has been doing very well in promoting blurt, therefore I wish to see him in top 20 if possible top 10
  6. Yes
  7. No. I don't know where and how to buy it.
  8. I don't have an idea on this. You can make me understand and I will do it right away.
ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Surely one day it will be possible to be in top 20 and even ten, we can dream ๐Ÿ˜… who knows? Anything is possible. The social media is a good suggestion to have people join us here. We need to sell blurt to them. Thanks for the comment and I will continue to do my best

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Today's topic is really interesting, I will go ahead and give my answers.

  1. My favorite witness is @zahidsun, he has been good in answering some of my problems here on blurt.
  2. I feel devastated not only on blurt but other tokens as well
  3. Sure it will go up the more people invest in it.
  4. To my own opinion, I think promoting on social media platform like twitter, instagram and the rest.
  5. Alot of them like @zahidsun, @eastmeal and you @bestkizto. You people have been wonderful.
  6. I don't think it's necessary
  7. I haven't for now but will soon.
  8. So sorry, I will do that right away.

Thanks for this great interesting package

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Who is your favorite witness?

I don't like being put on the spot, however the three witnesses I'm most impressed by their work ethics and commitment towards the blurt course are @tekraze, @saboin and @bestkizito, in no particular order.

How do you feel about the price of blurt?

Very sad. I was expecting to see a steady ascendency of blurt to at least 50cents, but shit happens sometimes with crypto and here we are. I can only hope for the best.

Do you think the price of blurt will ever be upto $0.99 at the end of 2022?

With crypto, everything is possible. I have no reason to doubt anything or whatsoever because everything is possible in the financial market.

How do we attract new investors on blurt?

Its simple, by creative a conducive environment for every one to thrive.

Who do you wish to see in top 20 witness?

If I don't mention you @bestkizito, I will be unfair. I wish you get into the top 20 and continue thriving. Best of luck man.

Should witness discussions be open for everyone to see?

I don't have answers for this one. Any decision that will favour the growth of the platform, I'm in.

Why re you not voting me as witness?

I've voted already.

Enjoy your day and have fun.
My regards.

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Good morning @bestkizito it's really been a while I hopped into blurt to make a post or even make some engagements talk more of participating in let's talk Tuesday with two reasons, one is being fully occupied throughout the past weeks and second you'll know shortly.!

But here I want to focus on two main questions on today's question which are,

How do you feel about the price of blurt?

Okay as at today of this publication, the current price of blurt is roughly around $0.0104 us dollars checking from the wallet and it is quite different from what you find on coin geko and other trading platforms where congeko gave me $0.008 with an upthrust of +15% which is quite relieving considering how it was few weeks back that was really discouraging but at least encouraging for beer marketers who took advantage of it.
I felt pissed out and discouraged by the price knowing that I couldn't patronize the beer market cause I was out of cash and that alone kept me away from the platform for over a week or so.

Although I got to know of blurt at its $0.02 worth this was my first and initial price when I just joined the platform and I made some research to find out that it has has once sky rocket to about 4 to 6 times higher than that by my research. Impressive.

Do you think the price of blurt will ever be upto? $0.99 at the end of 2022?

The crypto market is very very unpredictable but at the same time, it is very controllablewhat do I mean?
We can't predict it, but we can make it happen! It's team work and understanding how the Blockchain operates with the factors of demand and supply, availability and distribution of tokens. I hope I'm not speaking too much English ๐Ÿคท.

Now, let me deviate from your topic a bit.
I don't know if it is right or wrong about what I'm about to say, that there is some sort of mis-use of BP.
They are so many accounts with millons of blurt tokens invested on their BP and they make good use of it by voting fair on your post and comments but I saw an account that was community delighted billions of BP and is giving out 100% up vote of nearly 1000blurt tokens to some posts that worth almost nothing. And those upvoted tokens are being directly exchanged to some other tokens.
NB: I do not know if it is right or wrong like I said earlier but, if that act is safe for the price of the token to grow then so be it but if it is not then maybe something should be done. Please I would love to hear your replies on this as I will be here with your feedbacks.
Thank you!

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 
  • Who is your favorite witness?
    My favorite witness is @eastmael because he is doing many good technical updates, etc., in the blockchain and you @bestkizito because you are friendly and more people oriented, kind for one thing and have a positive outlook, the platform needs your expertise. And then there is @tekraze who delivers what the platform needs for a better user experience.

  • How do you feel about the price of blurt?
    The current price of Blurt should not be this low but it is great for a buying opportunity. I do feel angry because some drama really pinned it down so hard.

  • Do you think the price of blurt will ever be up to? $0.99 at the end of 2022?
    The price of Blurt is actually stable if not from the drama but the world is round and I really have no clue what the price will be at for the remainder of the year. But if global turmoil will stop and the drama dissipates, we might see the price anywhere from five cents to ten cents in my rather "wishful thinking" opinion but not a dollar, or maybe it can happen who knows?

  • How do we attract new investors on blurt?
    If you show someone your blurt wallet with a good value per token, you can certainly attract new users. But blogging is for only a certain niche of people plus the fact that not all can get a support as whales here only supports their own favorite circle of people plus the fact that there aren't any much whales and if good bloggers come, they must find it worthwhile, i.e, Blurt value must be higher.

  • Who do you wish to see in top 20 witness?
    Should witness discussions be open for everyone to see?

The ones that I voted should be on the top 2o. And yes the witness discussions should be at read-only so as not others to interfere with the issues that they are settling about. It will be like voting for your congressman in your district but you should not be allowed to take the microphone and say something like you are one of them.

  • Have you bought a gamestate shirt or token? If no What re you waiting for?

I haven't bought any clothes in decades and I am not even half joking except for the ones that I need like cheap PJs and thigh-high stocks to keep me warm when I am at my dialysis treatment.

  • Why re you not voting me as witness?

I already voted for you as witness as soon as I had learned about it. ๐Ÿ‘

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

I read this comment with so much satisfaction and peace. Thank you for the kind words about me and the other witnesses you mentioned. You have said some really nice and possitive things. Yes it is true the price will attract so many users yes and I must tell you this is something everyone hopes happens. I hope all the misunderstanding on blurt ends as well for the good of our community. I notice how most users stop posting when the price goes down but that is human behavior for you. Thank you for this nice refreshing comment my friend

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Life is just short, average person lives only around 70 years, if healthy will pass 80 or more mostly because of diet and lifestyle, bit many spend the third of it sleeping, commuting form point to point. I mean we just have to use of our time caring for each other, supporting, and loving and not cause other to have a burden from mental to financial.

But there are factors that life cannot be lived as we want and as we expect because of follies of the few, the higher-ups in society or blockchain for that matter, little people bear the consequences because of clashes of ego, power, influence, and control.

What we really can do is to pray, pray for people to change heart, for the pain to not hurt as much, for a miracle to happen. Most of us wants to be left alone and live life as it should be and continue to pursue happiness which is now is slippier than overcooked young Okra pods in the throat.

I hope that this peculiar issue in this platform is will dissolve soon, we do not need this, people's life is affected particularly those that live in poor countries that partially or fully relies in their income online so that they could alleviate their poverty, because really we all do venture here for the rewards benefits otherwise I am 100% sure that this place and the sister chains will be as empty as glass of juice drink after it was sucked with its contents in the middle of the desert. So I just hope that people who are concerned to affect the price must realize that some people's lives are on the line and they must not burn the best house in the social media blockchain platforms.๐Ÿ‘

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

Hello guys; this week's questions are interesting but I'll just have to pick some to answer.

How do you feel about the price of blurt?

I will be lying if I said I am not worried, but do I see hope? Yes I do, I am convinced blurt will rise again

Do you think the price of blurt will ever be upto? $0.99 at the end of 2022?

I can only hope for that. To be honest, with the current situation I don't know if that fit is possible, but never say never.

How do we attract new investors on blurt?

There are many ways to do this, one of which I already did by advertising Blurt in the "Hearts magazine". https://blurt.blog/r2cornell/@dicksonbem/advertising-blurt-outside-blurt-promotion
People just have to take responsibility to promote blurt. If we really want the best here we need to work towards it.

Should witness discussions be open for everyone to see?

A leaked witness discussion has already caused so much harm recently. My answer to this question is simple and straight forward... "What happens in the witness chat should stay in the witness chat..."

Why re you not voting me as witness?

I already did

ย  ยท ย 2 months agoย 

I particularly love the idea of promoting blurt through posters and magazine and you have done it here very well. So much efforts you have put into that. Taking responsibility is just the perfect word to use in this case.
Thank you for joining us on letโ€™s talk this week