My Rising Star: 52 Trisha

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My Rising Star: 52 Trisha
As the saying goes, persistence is victory. Therefore, I believe that as long as you do the same thing every day, there will be good results.

On January 25, 4,057 tasks were completed; to level 109; 133 cards have been obtained. Today I want to share with you a card that I have.



Card 16: 52 Trisha ID :804334

" Discovered at an airline talent contest , now singing in care homes "

Followers: 10
Skills: 5
Lucky: 0
Revenue correction: 0

A regular NFT with a total supply of 6000, 6000 cards were distributed. This card has a good market value. There are many sellers selling this card, and the more suitable price is 3 swap.hive.

That's all for today, next time I'll continue to share the other cards I own. Thank you for reading and supporting. Thank you very much for your love. Rock it
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我的新星:52 Trisha

俗话说,坚持就是胜利。 因此,我相信只要每天做同样的事情,就会有好的结果。

1月25日,完成任务4057个; 到109级; 已获得133张卡片。 今天我想和大家分享一张我拥有的卡片。

第16张牌:52 Trisha
ID :804334

" Discovered at an airline talent contest , now singing in care homes "

追随者: 10

一个总供应量为6000的普通 NFT,分发了 6000张卡。 这张卡有良好的市场价值。 有很多卖家卖这张卡,比较合适的价格是3 swap.hive。

今天就这些,下次我会继续分享我拥有的其他卡片。 感谢您的阅读和支持。 非常感谢您的爱。 摇滚吧!

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