我愿看到,但我不希望再看到 一个个励志故事的出现 I'd Like to See, but I Don't Want to See the Emergence of Inspirational Stories

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No nation in the world is born industrious, and industriousness is forced out. Similarly, a history of struggle is actually a history of pain and blood and tears. The process of struggle is a difficult process. When I see touching inspirational stories, from the initial excitement and admiration to the final meditation and emotion. I would like to see inspirational stories appear one after another. After all, there are always people who have come out of trouble through their efforts. But I don't want such a story to appear, because what can finally come out is rare, which is very few compared with the tens of millions of people in dire straits. I hope to see all people come out and live a better life.

For example, there is a river crossing in front of all people. If you want to run towards a bright future, you must cross this river. The river is wide and deep, and the waves are rough. Crossing the river can't be accomplished at one stroke. Powerful and rich people buy boats, rent yachts, and even get helicopters. Rich people are self-willed. Money can make the devil grind, and money cannot do nothing. But the rich are in the minority after all, and most of the poor can only sigh before the river, keeping their own ways, and let fate prevail. At this time, a very few poor people rose up to fight against their fate and tried to change their fate. But how much effort and sweat they have to pay, and how strong will they have!

An aspiring young man, Xiao Wang, lost his father when he was young. Before finishing high school, he went out to work to support his family. His family was so poor and penniless that when he was extremely hungry, he went to the canteen of the university campus to pick up the leftover meals of the students. Working on the construction site, he had to take out books to study during the lunch break, which became a scenic spot on the construction site. Luckily, Xiao Wang was finally admitted to Shandong University as a graduate student majoring in philosophy, becoming a model for many people to follow.

After reading such inspirational stories, to tell the truth, my heart is heavy and I felt speechless. Some people rely on their own hard work, out of the poor countryside, changed their fate, and then have a sense of "thanks to poverty". Yes, it is poverty that forces those who have aspirations to come out. After enduring hardships, one was almost exhausted, and finally swam across the river and landed on the bank. The people on the bank cheered and joked that "a Golden Phoenix flew out of the gully," while the people on the other side who were unable to swim over were envious and just shook their heads and sighed.

Why not use the power of the state to build a bridge? Ensure that the channels for everyone to rise are unblocked. Why not give everyone the same opportunity? To eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, eliminate class solidification, eliminate privileges, and everyone has equal opportunities for competition, which requires the improvement of the system.

This is what our whole society needs, and what everyone hopes to see, rather than just seeing a few inspirational people who have gone through a long and arduous journey, bruised and exhausted.








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