处世原则就像防蝇设施 The Principle of Life is Like Fly Prevention Facilities

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When a guest asked about the hygiene of an inn the hostess talked endlessly with full of confidence, "There we have all kinds of fly prevention facilities, such as fly swatters, insecticides, fly covers, screens, mosquito repellent incense, and electronic fly swatters." The guest was so surprised that he dared not go to the inn for dinner. With such a wide variety of fly prevention facilities, it can be seen that the flies in the hotel are numerous and rampant.

When I read such books as Roots of Wisdom, the Wisdom of Ancient Aphorisms and many other books on philosophy of life, I thought of the above story. What kind of realistic environment did the ancients live in? Presumably, bad guys are everywhere, such as mosquitoes and flies, doing disgusting things.

It doesn't take much effort to identify mosquitoes and flies. They suck blood, trample on human food, and spread germs, which force humans to take various means and methods to eliminate them. However, bad guys are not so easy to identify.

When I was young, there were often bad children in the village doing bad things, sneaking around and making trouble. They "wore hats on one side, pulled shoes on the other side, and at a glance they were not village children", whistling, snapping their fingers, smoking cigarettes, wearing strange clothes, having strange hairstyles, and with a toad mirror. This was the standard configuration for bad children. People sneered at them and avoided them. They didn't need any strategies and principles for such bad people, and they just hated them and stayed away from them.

However, the development of society has also made the bad guys have obvious changes. The era has gone in which, at a glance, we can see who the bad guy is. The bad guys have also put on masks, and even the mask has become a part of the body.

People have two sides, the good side and the evil side. There is no doubt that people are also a unity of contradictions, both good and evil. For the strong, people will show their kindness and sunshine, and while for the weak, people will show their evil and dark side. It is not the fault of the poor and the rich, but human nature which is to blame.

Mr. Lu Xun said that the strong draw their swords against the stronger, and the weak draw their swords against the weaker. But how many strong men are there? Most people are still weak.

So many people in the world study the philosophy of life, and many principles of life have been handed down to this day. For example, Silence Is Golden, and where ignorance Is Bliss, which are sufficient to explain the complexity of society and the evil intentions of the people.

To protect ourselves from mosquitoes and flies, humans invented fly prevention facilities, and to protect ourselves from the blows and revenge of bad guys, human beings have summed up the way to deal with the world.

Isn't the way to deal with life like the fly prevention facilities? Fly prevention facilities use things that can be seen and touched, while philosophy of life uses the principles which are invisible and untouchable.












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