人生紧要处其实只有几步(二):中专毕业后,如愿进入一大企业 There Are Only a Few Steps that Matter in Life (2): After Graduating from Technical Secondary School, I Entered a Cotton Textile Enterprise as I Wished

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In September, 1984, because I was not 16 years old and failed to become a coal miner, I went back to school to repeat my studies. As a result, I was successfully admitted to technical secondary school in 1985. That year, my brother was also admitted to the junior college. A rural family had two students admitted to secondary school and junior college at the same time, which caused a sensation in the whole village and even the whole commune.

When applying for schools, I deliberately avoided coal schools, geological schools, forestry schools, agricultural schools, and health schools. The first school I applied to was Shandong Electric Power School located in this city, the second was Shandong Textile School, and the third was the normal school in this city. Normal school is a guaranteed school. As a result, failing to be admitted to Shandong Electric Power School I was admitted to Shandong Textile School. To tell the truth, I didn't know what textile was at that time, let alone where the largest textile enterprise in this city was.

Time flies! Four years of technical secondary school study soon ended, including two years of college elementary course study and two years of professional knowledge study. In July, 1989, I stayed at home waiting for the arranged employment for me.

One of my classmates had an uncle in the county Party committee. In fact, he had a place to go early, which was a hosiery factory located on the edge of the city. Our family had been a farmer for generations, and my parents didn't know a few words, and we had no official relatives. We could only resign ourselves to our fates.

On the day when I could get the arranged employment, I took the quilt and got on the bus early to go to the city. I had a habit of being early rather than late in everything. After all, my family was more than 20 kilometers away from the urban area. After threading through back streets, I found the Municipal Textile Bureau, which was in the same yard with the first Light Industry Bureau and the Second Light Industry Bureau. The small building with three or four floors was located in a small alley on the back of the current No. 1 middle school.

When I got there, it was before 8 o'clock and people there didn't come to work. I went upstairs to find the office with the Textile Bureau sign and waited at the door. When it was almost 8 o'clock, people came to work one after another. A middle-aged woman came up the stairs to open the door of the Textile Bureau. Tall, well dressed and well maintained, it was not like people in our countryside, who was an office cadre at first glance.

She looked at me with a smile. "Did you come to get the arrangement?" Flattered, I followed her into the office. I was afraid I would be assigned to remote counties or township enterprises, because at that time, township enterprises were in full swing, private economy and individual economy developed rapidly, and graduates were needed everywhere.

I told my difficulties to this seemingly amiable female cadre, because she held our future place and destiny in her hands. "You see, it's not easy for our rural children to get admitted to a technical secondary school. I'm afraid we'll be assigned to a county far away from home." The female cadre took out a check-in card from the desk drawer and prepared to write the content on it: "Oh, it's just that Dahe wants a student this year. Go there. It's not far from the urban area, and the terminal of the No. 4 bus is there. Besides, the income is good, and it's the largest textile enterprise." Dahe she mentioned was the cotton textile factory located in Dahe, which was the largest cotton textile enterprise in the city and I once practiced there. There environment was beautiful and the benefits are very good.

Giving a thousand thanks, I took my arrangement and went to the factory directly. Later, I heard that about 10 minutes after I left, another classmate of mine also went there to get the arrangement, and his goal was Dahe cotton mill, because he had known that Dahe would employ a student this year. There was also a classmate from another county whose purpose was joining Dahe cotton mill, but I got the first one. Later, two of them taunted me for this, thinking that I had found a relationship and played a trick, so I could only laugh it off.

If that day, I didn't go to the Textile Bureau early, and then more than ten minutes later, it might not be like this. There will be no later acquaintance between me and my wife, let alone my present daughter. Everything will be rewritten. Unfortunately, there is no if in life.

It seems that there is a force that controls my life. Everything is arranged by God. And I only believe that God will have the best arrangement, just try my best.







她看看了我,面带着微笑:“来报到的吧?” 我受宠若惊,跟着她走进了办公室。我生怕自己被分到偏远的县城或者乡镇企业里去,因为那时乡镇企业如火如荼,民营经济、个体经济快速发展起来,到处都需要毕业的学生。

我把自己的难处告诉了这位看起来和蔼可亲的女干部,因为她手里掌握着我们未来的去处和命运。“您看,我们农村孩子考个中专也不容易,担心把我们分到离家很远的县城里去。” 女干部从办公桌抽屉里拿出一个报到证,准备在上面写上内容:“奥,正好大河今年要一个学生,你去那里吧。离市区也不远,4路车终点就是那里,再说效益也不错,是最大的纺织企业。”她说的大河就是位于大河的棉纺织厂,本市最大的一家棉纺织企业,我曾在那里实习过,环境优美,效益也很好。





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Many thanks to you.

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When you share your content I always feel like we shared the same early childhood experiences because most of the stories you I had almost if not same experience in a very close related order. However, I believe in predestination even as you wrote above

It seems that there is a force that controls my life. Everything is arranged by God. And I only believe that God will have the best arrangement, just try my best.

We as humans only try our best to walk in that divine arrangements which the creator had to prepared for us as written in holy scriptures I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers*.
Great and inspiring content you have created.

I'm very glad that we share the same or similar experiences, and I firmly believe the poor or common people's struggle is full of hardship and tears, but Heaven helps those who help themselves. What we have to do is work hard, except this we can control nothing, and God decides everything in advance.

Thanks for your kind words for me. Good day and good vibes to you.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Very true. And hard work never kills but makes us stronger to face life challenges and still remain happy.