谁家的锅底不黑? Whose Pot Bottom Is Not Black?

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There was a boss who was young, promising and successful. He could be said to have attained a success and be well-contented. But for some time, because of the pressure of work, he often couldn't sleep at night. One day, it was late at night, and the boss was still unable to sleep, then he simply got up and walked out of his home, walking alone in the deserted street. He suddenly found that there was a beggar sleeping on the stone steps under the roadside trees, snoring happily.

The boss was very emotional. Who knew the pain in his heart behind the seemingly bright appearance? However, a scruffy beggar could sleep peacefully without worry, and the boss was a little envious of this beggar. Of course, nine times out of ten, this beggar would envy the boss's life. He was elegant and proud of his life in Western dress and leather shoes. But who could see the life behind the boss? Due to the pressure from work, life and competition, he had to worry about everything. Only the boss knew the difficulties of starting a business and the hardships and tiredness of life, while others only saw the bright appearance and achievements.

I have a few colleagues around me. They are the second generation of officials, who are comfortable with food and clothing, have cars and houses, and have easy and stable jobs. There was a girl who returned from overseas. Her father was a middle-level leading cadre in the district, and her mother died of illness in her fifties. The girl is in her thirties, having gone out with boys for several times, but she still doesn't want to get married. There is also a female colleague whose father is the head of the power department of a county, and whose mother is also working in the office. But her parents died of illness, just in her fifties. This female colleague was born in 1984, and got divorced just after marriage. She has not remarried yet.
How many people dreamed of a carefree life, but who can see the helplessness in their hearts?

My wife has a distant relative. Both husband and wife teach in a key university. The husband is also the dean of the college and doctoral supervisor. Their daughter is also excellent, having graduated from Nanjing University. Once, the school invited a Taiwan scholar to give a lecture. To everyone’s surprise, their daughter fell in love with the scholar. Later, the daughter secretly took the household register and married the Taiwan scholar. The scholar was 24 years older than the girl who could almost be her father.

In the past few years, the scholar died of illness, so the girl had to go to Beijing to develop her career, and she is still alone.

What an enviable family, what an excellent daughter, but how can outsiders know the helplessness and sadness behind them?

Until one day, I saw a saying - whose pot bottom is not black? Yes, if you don't turn the pot upside down, who will see that the pot is black? I once thought some people's pots were spotless and shiny.

Everyone has his or her own helplessness and pain, but people don't show it to others easily. Everyone shows his or her happy side and gives people wonderful moments. But the people in the world finally understand that everyone has a hard book to read, and the key is how to read it.











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No one's pot is shiny is the secret we learn in life

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Your remark is great. Surely, this is the secret in life.

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