事非经历不知难 You Never Know Till You Have Tired

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A few years ago, I saw a piece of news on TV about a Qingdao elder sister who lived by scavenging and insisted on learning English by herself. Later, I found the relevant reports about her on the Internet. Only then did I understand her difficult life and the bitterness and helplessness behind her persistence. One never knows till he has tried. I can understand her and her difficulties, because I have gone through similar experiences.

Her name is Yuan Yinghui, born in 1973, who is five years younger than me. She and I are about the same age. She was born in a peasant family, and what is more unfortunate is that her parents, especially her father, did not support her to study, but ridiculed and obstructed her self-study. Without financial resources and support from anyone, even her survival has become a problem, but her love for English is still persistent and she never gives up.

She dropped out of a secondary vocational school and went home to learn English by herself. She was not interested in the clothing major and could not stand the ridicule of her parents and neighbors at home, Yuan Yinghui had to run away from home and continue to learn English by herself.

The year her story was reported on TV was about 2018. In that year, a video blogger found her and invited her to shoot a video.

Knowing her story, I was heartbroken for she paid too much. When she was speaking in English, she obviously had pronunciation problems and grammatical errors. After all, her starting point was too low, and it was not easy to get there completely by self-study. That year, at the age of 45, what should she do, I have no idea. I was really worried, but there was nothing I could do but wish her a happy life in the future.

Today, I came across a report on the Internet published in May this year - "an eldest sister from Qingdao taught herself English for 28 years, ran away from home and made a living by scavenging, and now she has become a white-collar worker in a foreign enterprise". I am really happy Yuan Yinghui finally has her own home and realized her own value.

Seeing the message below the report, I was filled with emotion. Some people said that the price she paid was too high, and the gains outweighed the losses; some people also said that she should have signed up for the training class, so that she would not have taught herself for 28 years.

Not only the expensive training fees, but also the costs of meals, accommodation and transportation--For a child from a poor family, taking some training courses is simply a fantasy. In the 1990s, I also had a deep experience.

You know, spending money and taking some training courses at Beijing Foreign Studies University for a year is worth more than ten years of self-study, but in reality, this shortcut is more difficult than scaling the blue sky. Therefore, I also chose to learn English by myself until today.

There is an idiom called "sympathizing with each other in the same disease". Only with similar or identical experiences can we feel the bitterness and difficulties, resonate with each other, and be considerate of others. People who have not had such experiences will not feel from the heart, but just moan without illness.













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