Blurt Will Smile Again

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For the past few days, the price of blurt has dropped drastically and allot of people are panicking. Faced with this uncertainty of the price of blurt, many ask questions such as;
Will blurt ever recover from the fall in value?
Should they sell their blurt or hold on to it?
When blurt recovers, would they have sold theirs?
When blurt recover, will blurt still be the blurt we know?
Will blurt be stronger, will blurt be consistent in value, When blurt recovers from what it's been through?

To this I say "All will be okay"

Motivated by the opening verse of the poem by Kirsten Robinson:
one day
it will be so clear –
what you thought
was the end,
was really
just the beginning.

Some doors are hidden
until we are ready
to open them.

Thus, I believe blurt will come back stronger and better. Just like it is said "Endure the dark moments to appreciate the happy ones, Appreciate the gloom to experience true happiness. The night defines the day; the dark defines the light, Because exact opposites define each other right."
Hold on to your blurt and trust me blurt will have the last smile.

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Nice poems.

As for the fall in prices is just a simple explanations to this.
Really not much to worry about it. Stake some more if you got them. Think long term.

Nothing to be upset over.

I honestly don't understand the panic over the price. It lowers okay. More blurt to accommodate. It goes up you get less blurt.

If you sold your blurt before it goes back up again, and it will, you will miss out on the benifits that come with hoarding your blurt token. And why not stake it and earn on the apr?

For those that are relying on blurt to "make ends meet" but not a professional blogger, don't quit your day job just yet or sink your career, mr entrepreneur. It will be a foolish thing to do on any investment to go all in.

Let not believe that just because some randome person got very lucly going all in doesn't mean it will magically happen to you. Invest why? When you can esrn and stake, hodle and reap the rewards later.

Think of it like planting seeds. Instead of eating the sunflower seeds, you plant them (stake), water is added (apr), plus the added patience to wait for the seeds to grow (your hodle strength), equals plenty of seeds to eat and regrow your supply. Trade your seeds and benifit too. Plant more. Repeat. Or don't and the squirrels will just come and eat most of them.

Perfectly said, and lovely flow of thoughts. There is really no need for panic. Your comment is worthy of being a post of it's own

Hodling through the lows is what feeds the squirrels but if they also don't eat themselves when it goes up, the previous squirrels, fat from last harvest only get fatter.