Food for Thoughts: Getting our priorities Right

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There is a useful lesson for us as individuals and as a country in which I'll like us to reflect upon. What makes one your good friend or family member? The parameters should be very clear to us, so that we don't get swayed by blood ties and some habits to keep dear in our lives people who should not ordinarily qualify to be called good friends or family members. The same applies in our choices of life partners, there are many who don't know what to look out for and as a result have found themselves in marriage with people who should not have been their acquaintances in the first place. Establish that marker in your personal life and it will help you, your life should not be an all comers affair, it should be a deliberate and carefully planned life and those who support you to execute that plan should be close while those who antagonize or contribute nothing can stay as peaceful acquaintances, no hard feelings.

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In our country Nigeria, we have allowed ourselves to be swayed by our emotions and primordial sentiments over and above good reason in choosing our leaders. In the coming elections I have heard many people argue that they are rooting for their candidate simply because he is popular, has money, is powerful and can win elections. How does that secure you or put food on your table? These are hardly the issues; we are in a deep shit and we need someone who has a track record of quality success, beyond party affiliations, ethnicity and religion. The question should be, who is best suited for the job, and not who is in which party. Party pride and ethno-religious considerations will not spare anyone from the pangs and pains of bad leadership. Only good leaders can.

We can learn from the mistakes of our past and set down the ground rules for judging success or good leaders; for scrutinizing our friends and family members who should be rated in our lives. I know some people who are weighed down for so long carrying the cross of spouses, family members and friends who don't even care if they succeed or survive. That should stop. Clarify your values and rate people according to how they support your values and other objective goals. That is a lesson each person can learn.

Peace be with you!

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