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Welcome to curator report #32 for the @ r2cornell Community. Our Discord membership is 2715. We curated 360 blurt posts with the @dsc-r2cornell account from Sunday, May 22 to Saturday, June 04 afternoon.

Bienvenidos al informe de curaduría #32 para la Comunidad de @r2cornell. Nuestra membresía de Discord es 2715. Nosotros curamos 360 publicaciones de blurt con la cuenta @dsc-r2cornell desde el domingo 22 de Mayo hasta el sábado 04 de Junio por la tarde.


[EN/ES] Why don't I just write only in Spanish?

By @geeklania

Hayd - Changes [COVER]

By @clixmoney

Travel Diaries - #The Greenwich Meridian Line

By @nainaztengra

Organizer Powerup for June #BPUD

By @randula

Blurtgardens: Dandelion Planet….. Dandelion diet.

By @offgridlife

Summertime Blues

By @mineopoly

Some Highlight Photos From My Time in the Galapagos!

By @world-travel-pro

Laboratorio de Ideas Blurt | Blurt Ideas Lab [ESP-ENG]

By @angelica7

Commandant or Follower?

By @rycharde

End of May farm and life update

By @leifasaur


This brings us to the end of our 32nd Healing Report. There are so many quality posts curated this week that it was difficult to choose the ones for the report. I can only say "Great job everyone".

Esto nos lleva al final de nuestro Informe #32 de curación. Hay tantas publicaciones de calidad curadas esta semana que fue difícil elegir las del informe. Sólo puedo decir "Gran trabajo para todos".

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Each time I side in here there is this happiness I get from viewing wonderful blogs from blurt users which has been curated by you.
Thanks for sharing with us @dsc-r2cornell team

wow. super nice report. visitando varios de esos posts.

yeahhh!! thanks!!

R2cornell teams selections for couration is always good they courating always good quality posts great work by you r2cornell for our blurt platform we salute your dedication for blurt

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The selection is always beautiful

Hello @dsc-r2cornell
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Congratulations to all members

Congratulate all selcet member.

Felicidades a los autores.

Sigan así.

Mucha constancia.


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Splendid selection, will check them all out! Cheers!

Congratulate him for all the victories and thank this community for such a good post selection @dsc-r2cornell

Very good couration report by r2cornell couration team, thank you r2cornell team for curating posts

Hi,@dsc-r2cornell, you select a very beautiful post's.
Your work is very fantastic about curate a lovely post's,I hope you continue upvote program for help all blurt friends and family.

God blessings on you always

Hi @dsc-r2cornell,
First of all I congratulate to all members who selected in this post and the team also working good.