Bad reflections of professions!

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Do you know how much the job we have affects our daily life?

First, let me explain this with an example from my life.

In Eid-al-Fitr, which is one of the holidays in the religion of Islam, as per our tradition, the little ones visit the homes of the elders, this can be between relatives, neighbors and friends. The most important treats of Ramadan Feast are candy and sweets. Baklava is the most prominent treat in Turkey, I hope you had the chance to taste it.


After a short explanation, let's come to our main example. A friend of mine, whose profession is a financial advisor, and who is constantly intertwined with numbers due to his job, came to visit during the Ramadan Feast, and we offered him 4 baklavas, normally this number is a number that a person can easily eat. Everything is normal so far, right? The anomaly is just beginning, he turned down the offer and started the calculation.

“Today, I will visit an average of 20 houses, I will ask how my elders and relatives are, if I eat 4 slices of baklava in every house I go to. Makes 4x20= 80 slices of baklava. 80 slices of baklava first put me in the hospital, then put me in a sugar coma, and finally I go to the grave”

My God! The current calculation was endless! I have a hard time not laughing and I wish patience to his wife.

I understand that someone whose profession is a financial advisor always pronounces numbers, but what they eat is not measured by numbers!

We do not know how and to what extent people from different occupational groups reflect their work to their homes or other bilateral relations, but we can guess that this will not have a positive effect.

I have explained that my profession is a trader in some of the articles I made about my job, does my job reflect on my home and private life? Yes, unfortunately it does, I wonder about the numbers of every purchase and sale around me. If someone sells anything, I wonder the price of the first one, or if he buys something, I wonder at what price he bought something, and I immediately calculate the price difference as %.

On weekends, I take bets while watching football matches to have fun and to have a little adrenaline, and I calculate my earnings before I hit them.

I think these are the reflections of my work life on my home and friends environment, in the first example I said that I did not find this reflection correct and I laughed at my friend's attitude, yet why am I doing this?

I can explain the answer to this from my point of view as follows; As a result of the time and actions you have spent at work, you are doing this unconsciously, and when you realize it, the action has already concluded and you are starting to face its effects. As a matter of fact, it's not really a pleasant situation, especially for your friend, family or partner.

Although we focus on the solution point, I don't really know if there is a solution, maybe different methods can be tried and handled with different arguments. We are talking about the same person here, a person cannot show a different personality in his work, in his home, in friends or in the environment. What he is at home, he will be at work, or vice versa.

Based on the phrase "The fly is small, but it makes you sick," this may be a small detail I mentioned, but it can become unbearable especially for your partner from time to time. The only advice I can give myself and you on this matter is to carry out a "politics of balance".

If you don't know what balance politics is, take a look at the news of the country you live in for a few days and watch the political party leaders. I am sure they will set a very good example of balancing policy for you.

Thank you for reading.

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I believe that it is difficult for a person to detach himself from his profession, not only within his home but in any place where he is. I think it is almost inevitable to do this. I work with numbers since I am the administrator of a Center for Social and Sports Events so I am always calculating profits and losses based on the activities carried out within the venue.

I do the same thing when I go shopping: I compare price versus quality, price versus quantity, and then make a decision on what I should buy. I always try to make unnecessary expenses in order to have the liquidity to take advantage of a good buying opportunity.

I have never tasted that dish you speak of. Possibly on this side of the continent, I will not find it, but if I find a Turkish restaurant, I hope to taste this dish.

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There are definitely reflections of the profession. As a food supplier, I am always curious about the purchase and sales figures of the products purchased. It always interests me.