Challenges Of My Dream Business

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For a while I’ve always wanted to start my own business, most times I used to look at online business owners, Instagram stores, mall sellers etc and get jealous at the fact that they’re actually doing what I’ve always wanted to do.
Earlier this year I decided to start mine and stop shying away, I mean what’s the worst that can happen? It is a process of growth afterall right? Most Big business owners started from scratch, it didn’t just become big overnight.


After much motivation from family and friends I decided to venture into selling jewelries, I have always loved how they adorn me and how they look on others, those who know me know how often I pair them with my style, and so I choose it as my line of business cause I am passionate about it.

The university I attend has been on strike for a while, I decided to use the opportunity to get busy and make meaningful use of my time and I’m glad I did so.
However running a business isn’t so easy, along the line I have faced some challenges and it makes me wonder, if a small business like this could face challenges like this, how about big businesses then? I’m guessing this is applicable to the saying
‘The bigger you grow the bigger the problems’

For something I have always wanted, I must say I enjoy it, knowning you’re earning daily and seeing the physical cash as well, recommending jewels to match a style or preparing a jewel box as a present is quiet enticing. However, it comes with its own stress as well.

Difficult customers
The saying ’every customer is right’ is so absurd!! Dealing with people everyday isn’t easy which is why when I notice grumpy cashiers I don’t blame them, they have to deal with people literally everyday, wether nice, kind, rude or sassy! Well I’ve had my fair share of difficult customers, but as usual you have to stay calm, I’m rendering a service anyways, no need to yell or strangle anyone lol!

Dispatch Riders
Using riders for my deliveries are smooth on some days and terrible on others, oh well, not everyday is Christmas I guess. The first challenge here was a ban by the government on riders who weren’t registered, this affected a majority of 95% riders. The ban affected a lot of businesses and deliveries became hard. Now that phase is over, Sone riders aren’t competent enough, orders get mixed up, received late or even worse!

Bank services
The banking industry comes with their own challenges, a customer can be debited for payment and I in return will not be credited, causing delay. This is an occurrence no one really wants to experiences!!

the rate of inflation
Currently things in the country are quiet inflated, the price of goods steadily increases as the naira value depreciates. Literally everything is on a high side compared to before, and so both buyers and sellers are affected.

Despite all odds, I still see these as part of life, everything won’t always go smoothly, rather it motivates me to push forward. Everything won’t just happen at once, life isnt a bed of rose so I’m getting used to it. The bottom line is that I will succeed despite any challenge!!

Thank you for reading Have a nice day

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