The Evolution Of Human Character

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The human mind is wired to think in a certain way....”be a good person so that people will like you and so you can avoid being in trouble and live a happy life.”
But what really is being good? Helping an old woman out with her chores? Giving money to people who are in need? Engaging in community service?
In my years on earth, I have come to discover that the term 'good' is just a term and doesn't actually qualify a good person.
We're all human so naturally, we're flawed from birth.


These flaws range from physical to mental to emotional.

Toxic traits are emotional or mental flaws that have grown with us and have been nutured to become very bad habits.

Toxic traits differ from person to person and were developed for different reasons. To some, it's simply bottling up when they need help. To others, it's not being able to open up to someone fully in an emotional way. In other people, it's being overly dramatic to tiny events and situations that don't really deserve that reaction.

Toxic traits aren't mental problems, they're just bad emotional and mental habits. And while it's not something to be ashamed of, it also isn't something to be proud of.

You can find help in letting go of these bad habits by meeting a therapist or finding a 'safe place' where you can be imperfect you while work towards being a better version of you.

As the years progress, Human values, ideologies and reasoning evolve. Life used to be simple, be a good person and you will live a happy, sane life. But with development comes more issues...
Compared with most animals, we humans engage in a host of behaviors that are destructive to our own kind and to ourselves. We lie, cheat and steal, carve ornamentations into our own bodies, stress out and kill ourselves, and of course kill others.
At the end of the day, we are all born with an animalistic nature and all have different sides to life...Which ever side you show a person is what they judge you by.
Someone once say to Judge a person not by his physical appearance but by the character displayed.
A very nice person to you is being mean to other people and you might never get to see them being mean.
Few human traits are more fascinating. While most people would say honesty is a virtue, nearly one in five Americans think cheating on taxes is morally acceptable or is not a moral issue. Statements like these are very contradictory, a good person shouldn't think of cheating of taxes....but then we all know that circumstances can make a person want to cheat on his taxes but that still doesn't make them a bad person.

As the days go by, humans need to learn to point out and identify people for what they exactly are and not what they might seem to be.

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