Facing big issues my internet playing PUBG mobile 😂😂

in r2cornell •  3 months ago 

What's up guys how are you all hope everyone is doing well and healthy here comes another new game video that is bound like a CD cassette.

Oh no kidding actually what happened today we had a lot of rain here due to which the network connection is not very good when I was recording the video dropped so much that it's unbelievable so I got angry and recorded it instead of dropping it

If I can't control myself on my own mobile screen, if I don't have my own control, how can I kill the enemy? Then I recorded the video with great difficulty for four minutes and then turned it off. can understand

I died as soon as I got down. Whatever is the problem of this girl. If you like the video, please like the video. That's all. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

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