Splinter great battle Earth splinter vs death splinter

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Hello my hivers or splinter friends


How are you all? I hope you are all well and healthy. In fact, I am very sorry for not being able to come to you much due to my personal busyness. Anyway, I got some time today, so I thought I would play a few battles and explain my situation while playing. not like


First I played three battles but I didn't win even one battle. Somehow I wasn't disappointed that it was because the players my opposition were reading had pretty good cards and I was getting pretty weak due to the summoner they were using.


Still not giving up I started another battle and got more success when that bat came and realized how important magic attack really is Magic attack cards really do a lot of damage to the opposition player and destroy their cards.

Anyway, I was playing my daily battle, so I am sharing it with you, I lost a few and won one.

I will try to share with you one by one which summoner I used and what cards I used and I will try to share with you as much as I know about the work.

Playing battle

  • Earth splinter vs death splinter

  • Mana cap I got - 25

  • Finally get win hahahaha.

My battle card setting and some details 😀😀😀

Unicorn Mustang (1).png

Use a good card first I know that cards in card opposition attack first so that my first position card can withstand it and sometimes protect my back cards so I use a malee attacking card first.

Goblin Psychic (1).jpg

Then a magic attacking card I used that magic attacking card was automatically auto healing my first position card whenever the opposition player was damaging my first position card because of my second position automatically auto healing my first position card to win the battle. has become easier

Regal Peryton (1).jpg

Khmer Princess.png

Then I used another magicatake card and that was pretty good too, attacking the opposition player very well.

In the last position I use one more magic attacking card so here it is understood that I used total three magic attacking cards and one malee attacking card and thus I won my battle nicely.

Battle link



I have shared the links of some battalions that I have played here, I hope you will see and if there is any mistake in arranging my cards, then definitely try to help me a little by commission so that I can use my cards in the right position while playing the next batteries.

Anyways let me know how you feel and stay with me so I can discuss better things between you guys later. Good luck everyone.

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