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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel and watch me play PUBG MOBILE. If you like my content, don’t hesitate to drop a message, give it a like and press share to show some love. And, don’t forget to subscribe so that you will not miss any of my streams in the future. Thank you very much for your support. Cheers!
How are you all, I hope you are all very well and I am also well, so here I am with another new video for you, I hope you like the video.

Was playing random today and randomly played with some nepalese friends of mine actually they played well i just played bad as soon as i got down they pretty much cleared the entire side i landed on and played pretty well then i was passing some light thin loot i saw a bot coming towards me

I killed him and one of my kills was added to my killfit then I went around and got another kill but in the end I didn't survive too long and he killed us later of course but I didn't record the video until then so after the recording it was pretty cool. playingI made a total of five kills in that match, so it's pretty good from my side because I'm a normal player, so I played very well. I hope you watch the video and if you like it, please subscribe the channel and like the video. Everyone, stay well, stay healthy, thank you.

Streaming via Starscape Creator Studio - Easy-to-use live streaming app for Android and iOS users in 2022.

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your cover looks weird and funny. 😅