Alive and Thriving 3/22/2023-Keeping it together during trying times

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Who among us can say that the past few years haven't been trying? Trials in life can prepare us for future disasters and they can also make as much stronger.

The pandemic lockdowns were incredibly trying. The period of uncertainty and pain led to many insecurities and alot of loss. This has led to many individuals either sank or swam, and keeping it together became necessary.

Now, instability is coming for the banking sector. No matter your thoughts on this sector, the rising interest rates and the bank failures are enough to shake anyone. I have been focusing on thriving as the world shakes, and this is a season to keep it together.

We need to build up our nerve during these times. There is both a physical and a mental piece to this above the spiritual calm we need to build within ourselves. Making it through these hard times as a combination of of ability to exercise patience, diligence, understanding and empathy all at the same time. Family and community are key, and support is essential when we feel shaken more than ever.

Spirituality is absolutely key here. believing in a higher power and holding ourselves accountable to our actions is key here. It's easy and it's human nature to believe that during trying times and trials we can abandon morals but that is not the right thing to do. The spiritual underpinning of our faith keeps us on a path and it also gives us confidence things will be all right. Don't underestimate the power of prayer and belief as a way to remain healthy.

Speaking of someone who is working on this myself, I'm pulling on my past experience and bolstering my mental, physical and spiritual health. I've decided to continue to eat healthy and exercise, meditate and pray daily and build my skills and save money to ensure that I'm all right as the economy slips. Building communities another thing I'm working on as well. I'm becoming more active in my church group and looking at Social clubs in my community where I live.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let's keep growing together. Feel free to comment on this topic.

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