Memes, random stuff and my curation report...

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Gooood mooorning all you awesome Blurtarians!!!

Today I have some random photos from the cat gang and wifey and I, some nice memes for the downvote DH thefartymark (@themarkymark) and my curation report.

Todays post is brought to you by the 80s retro combo: Sebastian Gampl with the song Under Control (feat. Tommy Reeve)!!!! (Video further on down)

Enjoy people and have a lovely day!!!!

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These two are for TheFartyFart:



Curation Report

@medikatieMy Son's Artwork at Age 3
@poetic-justiceThe Political Machine
@abbak7My Actifit Report Card: March 28 2023
@lightsplasherMy Actifit Report Card: March 27 2023
@kryptodenno5000 BlurtPower - Delegation Raffle / Delegationsverlosung #898 (incl. Winner of #890)
@danielhuhserviceDie Handwerker knien sich voll rein/ letze Gewinnspiel Chance/ The craftsmen are on their knees/ last chance to win a prize
@danielhuhserviceDie Handwerker vertreiben den Winter/The craftsmen drive away the winter
@powerego[블러트 #924] OPEN COFFEE
@powerego[블러트 #921] 자전거 출퇴근
@yakubenkoA little bit of good news, yesterday I took this beautiful sunset 🌅.
@ptakuBudowlana rozrywka 💪 : March 25 2023
@ptakuAqua bieżnia i siłownia plus drop Arbitrum : March 23 2023
@baahSell-ensky Says He's Out Of Ammunition
@baahThey're Rebooting "Axis Of Evil" On The 20th Anniversary Of The Iraq Invasion - Caitlin Johnstone
@testarastaThe Hunted es un juego FPS de un solo jugador basado en el motor Darkplaces. !ESP-ENG!
@lxsxlA Story of a Flower Deu/Eng
@globetrottergccIs money just a tool?
@ptakuNiby nowości na talerzu : March 22 2023
@pegarissimoThe Daily Expression : Simple drawing to express a word
@reetuahlawatThis is 641th photo of the day.
@dominion01Win a 50,000 BP Delegation for Blurt Pool Participation
@teesartsNaira Redesign, Scarcity And Chaos: Was It Worth It?
@a-g-shardWatching Wheel Abstract
@phasewalkerLeonine Misbegotten - Elden Ring
@squirrelbaitHow do I see my wallet's history?
@maxwellmarcusartMy New Sketch
@zoobeeAzama/Akidi Nutrition (African Yam Beans)
@maarnioCrypto Contest March 25: Gamium
@besticofinder450 Ceylon Petroleum Corporation given to three foreign companies !
@squirrelbaitFaux News, Today's Shooting, and the Screaming Obvious.
@frankbaconFrank Bacon ART TEST 🙈 See newS 🙉 TweetsConverTsTationS 🙊
@angelica7Good vibes, is shared on Blurt [ESP-ENG]
@ahlawatThis is the 361th day mobile photoshoot. !! Purple flowers blooming in the farms.🌺🌷
@practicalericMy Actifit Report Card: March 27 2023....Awesome Monday 👣💨🍃🙌👏💯🙏😇👼💞😴💤☕⛅🎼🎶👌✨🌠
@blurttribeGuess the Word and Win Blurt #239 ! 40 Blurt Reward
@ecosynthesizerECS Curation Report ! March 27, 2023, 17:14:04
@baibouaFinding Peace and Beauty at the Beach
@yakubenkoBeautiful, earlier flowers 🌷
@hanginMydailypost #226 - Byron Bay Hillside Lookout.
@bring我们都是单枪匹马的独行客 We Walk Alone, Single-handed
@s-q-loteColiseum Roma
@andriannaAnother good paint - Ecoline - liquid watercolor.
@woleyou夸夸能干的自己 Compliment yourself on your ability
@foryoubtcTROLL - Internet - Mythology - Movie
@mostrorobot[esp+eng] Editor y ayuda MARKDOWN
@rubelynmacionDay 2: Bonding with Friends and Family at La Playa de Elena Beach Resort
@mtravelMonday Back to Winter - My Actifit Report Card: March 27 2023
@davidesimonciniThe David's Daily Adventures: Filling bottles, cycling race, worse sore throat
@iyanpol12My Actifit Report Card: March 26 2023
@cryptopieDay trading for a while now because the profits from it are just wow
@madventurePhoenix mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius) a rarity among oyster mushrooms
@manuel78the star seed
@bitandi5 Jahre auf der Blockchain BLURT
@drutterReality is what the majority believes it is
@cleanenergygarroVery Few Are Ready For This Fast of A Change (Are You One of Them?)
@dirkzettMy daily stuff: March 27 2023. Deu/Eng
@cleanenergygarroThe Doors - People Are Strange
@onerayVisiting to my sisters. Spanish and porguegue
@bitandiCRAFTINK - @bitandi ´s INK giveaway - you buy 100 and I'll give you 50 INK - and 50 INK raffle - (EN-DE)
@mein-senf-dazuRubbish collected - Müll eingesammelt

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Her eyes are screaming "help me!".

That doesn't seem to interest the Hiver... 😂

Someone should perform a welfare check, doesn't look like she wants to be there.

Did you hear the good news? We won the case against Justin Sun and got our Steemy back.

Yes I heard about that.. Congrats on that 👍🏆 Now you can power up and downvote your fellow Hivers even harder! 👎

Congratulations to the author's, and about your meme in this post, they are topnotch

You are both a lovely couple @outofthematrix and your cats are always a cheer to our hearts, too bad that I can't own one now because of feral cats might hurt it.

Posted from it thefartymark 🤣🤣

Gran reporte, y como siempre Thanks por el Support.

Wow! Looking gorgeous!

Thanks for including my post in your curation report!

Thanks so much!

You are most welcome!!! 🙏❤️

Looking sexy you two, and love the memes

Thanks buddy!!! Just commented under you and your wonderful girlfriend over at your place!!!! 😂❤️🤙