After the launch of Padma Bridge, export of garment products started through Mongla port

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Export of garment products started through Mongla port by using the short distance communication facility. Today Thursday, the ship went to Poland with goods from the port jettyPhoto: Prothom Alo
After the launch of Padma Bridge, the export of garment products has started for the first time through the Mongla sea port of Bagerhat. A Panamanian flagged ship named 'MV Marks Nesna' left Mongla port at 11 am today on Thursday with garment products made in different establishments of Dhaka, Gazipur, Savar and Narayanganj.

Port authorities and shipping agents say the export of garment products using Mongla port is a new milestone for the port.
Mongla Port Director (Traffic) Mostafa Kamal told Prothom Alo that garment products are being exported for the first time through Mongla Port after the launch of Padma Bridge. Earlier few garment products were exported through Mongla only a handful of times. Earlier, you had to wait for a long time at the ferry on this route. As a result, many exporters were not interested in using Mongla port. Now that the time and distance are reduced, the import and export of goods through this port will be easier and faster than before.

According to port sources, the ship is going to Eastern Europe country Poland with various garment products including children's clothes, jerseys, cardigans, t-shirts, trousers made in 27 factories of the country. After the opening of the Padma Bridge, these products arrived in Mongla from Dhaka factories within a short period of time .
by road. After arriving at the port, cargo containers started to be picked up on the MV Marks Nesna ship, which was stationed at Jetty No. 8 of the port on Wednesday.
Port authorities and shipping agents say that the distance from Dhaka to Mongla port by road has decreased due to the launch of Padma Bridge. While Chittagong port is 260 km away, Mongla is currently 170 km away. In addition to faster and safer ship handling, traders are saving time and money by reducing the distance to Dhaka. As a result, they are increasing their interest in importing and exporting through Mongla port.

Chairman of Mongla Port Authority Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa told Prothom Alo that this journey of the ship with garment products is a new milestone for Mongla Port. After the inauguration of the Padma Bridge by the Prime Minister, the first garment products are being exported from Dhaka via Mongla port. This ship will go to the European country of Poland through the port with cargo containers of various garment companies. He hopes that the import-export trend will increase .
further in the future.

According to the sources of Mongla port, the amount of goods discharged in container handling at Mongla Jetty till May 2021-22 is 1 lakh 46 thousand 746 metric tons. On the contrary, the cargo in the container has been 69 thousand 654 metric tons. Concerned persons are expecting to increase the export of goods through the seaport which is almost dependent on imports through the export of garment products.

C&F and shipping agent Syed Zahid Hossain said that due to the pressure of the ship in Chittagong, there is a lot of time in loading and unloading the goods. But there is no such pressure at Mongla port. After the export of these garment products, many more will be interested in exporting through this port.

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