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Photo of the day :)

Testy gulabjamun :)







Hello friends, Today I have taken photography of Gulab Jamun. Yesterday I made this tasty Gulab Jamun at my home.That's why I took some photos of them, which I have taken in my photography today.This gulab jamun is made from 1 kg mawa. There is a buffalo at my husband's friend's house which gives milk. My husband's friend made khoya from the same buffalo's milk and gave it to him.I thought what to make of it then my son said, " mummy make Gulab Jamun'.I said ok I will make Gulab Jamun. Then I added some flour to this khoya and added one spoon of baking powder and mashed it well and kept it for half an hour.Till then I have prepared sugar syrup for this, I put 2 liters of water in a big pan and add one kg of sugar to it.Now put it on the gas to cook, I also grinded some cardamom and put it in it, which made its test even better.After cooking for about 15 minutes my syrup is ready i left my mawa dau for half an hour. Now my mawa is also ready to make Gulab Jamun. I mashed it with my hands for 5 minutes and Now I made small round balls with my hands. Now I put a pan on the gas and add cow's ghee to it.When my ghee got hot I started putting these little balls in it. I deep fried them till they turn red After this, I took them out of the pan and put them in the prepared sugar syrup.By doing this, after frying all the balls, I put them in the sugar syrup.And kept them covered for 5 hours so that my gulab jamuns become sweet by drowning in sugar syrup.And now my gulab jamuns are ready to eat they are very tasty.

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