BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! RULESET: Equalizer

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Hello, great warriors of Splinterlands, I hope you all are doing good and enjoying your day. Today I am again here sharing my entry for the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge "RULESET: Equalizer" contest which is offered by @splinterlands. You can also participate in this weekly challenge, to know more about how to participate in this challenge visit this link.


Equalizer is a ruleset in Splinterlands battles in which all monsters start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.
- Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.


Battle Lineup And Link:


You can watch my battle by clicking on the above 👆 screenshot


Battle Ruleset:


There were two battle rulesets in this battle which were Noxious Fumes and Equalizer. The allowed mana cap was 36 and three Splinter Summoners were not active (Fire, Life, and Dragon).

Battle Summoner:

Zintar Mortalis_lv4.png

As usual, I choose the Zintar Mortalis as a summoner for this battle because this is the only upgraded summoner I have for the death splinter and also I mostly use it in my battles. It is a beta edition Rare Death Splinter Summoner and it was the first summoner I upgraded in this game when I started this game. I have upgraded this summoner to level 4 and it is easy for me to win battles with it. I always love to play with this Summoner because I have experience of playing with it. Under this summoner, I can use up to level 5 common cards. This summoner has one ability and that is to reduce the melee attack of all melee attack monsters of the enemy team by -1. Currently, I have level 4, and it works fine for me.



In the first position, I used CARRION SHADE which is a chaos edition common melee attack Death splinter monster. It costs 1 mana and does -1 melee attack. The ruleset was of Equalizer so when I choose all monsters only one mana was remaining and I choose it. It was one ability at level 1 which is Flying and I have got it in a gold foiled version from the pack opening at level 3.


Haunted Spirit_lv4.png

In the second position, I used HAUNTED SPIRIT which is a beta edition rare melee attack death splinter monster. It costs 5 mana and does -2 damage along with Heal ability at level 1. I have upgraded it to level 4 in which its melee attack increases to 3 and also gains one more ability Reflection. I mostly use this Death Splinter card in my battles because it is my favorite card that I use in the first position of the death splinter deck. I use it in the first position because of its Healing and Reflection abilities. Here I used it in the second position because of the Poison ruleset and it has a healing ability so it will recover its health.



In the third position, I used HARKLAW which is a reward edition Legendary melee attack monster from the Death Splinter. I used it in this battle and in the third position because if it's an Immune ability and it will not be affected by the poison. At level 1 it has one ability Sheild and I have upgraded it to level 2 in which it gains the Immune ability. In the Noxious Fumes ruleset, the monster with Immune ability does not take damage from the poison and that's why I used this monster in this battle.



In the fourth position, I used VENARI BONESMITH which is also a reward edition rare magic attack monster from the death splinter. It costs 4 mana and has one ability Life Leach at level 1. I have upgraded it to level 4 in which it gets one more ability Poison. I used it in this battle because of the Life Leach ability and it will stay a little bit longer in the field than other monsters.



In the fifth position, I used ANCIENT LICH which is also a reward edition legendary magic attack monster from the Death Splinter. It costs 7 mana and gives -3 magic damage along with the Life Leach ability at level 1. I used it in the fifth position because it has a life-leaching ability and gains +2 health in each round from the life-leach ability. In this battle, it worked well for me.



In the last position, I used PHANTOM SOLDIER which is also a reward edition epic magic attack monster from the Death Splinter. I have upgraded it to level 3 in which its magic attack increases from 2 to 3 and also it gets the Silence ability. I used it in this battle because of its silence and it will reduce the magic attack of the enemy team by -1. Currently I have this monster in level 3 and it works fine for me.


Battle Result:

You can see my battle result in the below screenshot in which I have won this battle and was rewarded with 0.367 SPS.



Did your strategy work?

Yes, my all strategies worked very well for me in this battle and I won it.



If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you can join from the below link.

  • If you are a newbie and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you.
  • All images used in this post are downloaded from thelink. You can also download images from it just by entering parameters: card name, edition, and level. For more info check this link.
  • Thanks in advance If you like my post and show some support.



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