Why RUN from BLURT when the PRICE is LOW 📈& comeback when the PRICE is HIGH 📉?

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A very bad strategy people often do thinking they're smart about their actions.

I've observed that most communities on blurt have drastically reduced their engagement rates on blurt and I guess due to the price or downtimes of crypto.

However, the best part is when you accumulate much $blurt when the price is low and sell to earn when the price is high.

😜Bidding my friend farewell as he journey's through cities to find his missing rib.

It's not about selling your blurt i(f not all) when or because the price is low and then come back to pay a higher amount when the price shoots up.

For me, it's better to accumulate than sell when the prices are low.
For me, it's better to keep blurting and engaging with other blurt posts than run away when prices are low.

What about you, what do you think???

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You said perfectly well brother. Though I've been away from blurts for quite some number of months before i decided to resume back this week and the reason was due to the constant bugs i witnessed on the platform.
it's great to see that those bugs had been rectified. Though some users might have left the platform due to same reason while many others might be inactive due to the down price as you stated.

One thing many do not know as you said is that they feel since the price is almost worthless why do they have to stress themselves as a result. I agree with you that this is the best time to be active, though for me i have a longtime plan and my goal is to become a whale on the blurt blockchain which i know will take lots of consistency, discipline and hardwork. Great reminder and thank you so much for your usual support @yateghteghs.

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It’s hilarious… everybody buys Blurt high and sells low … I am buying up all their low blurt on ionomy. It’s been awesome.

You could imagine. While they buy high and sell low, you buy low and sell high.

I love you strategy. How I wish others will learn too.

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

It’s fine … eventually they will sell all their blurt for really cheap. So it’s awesome. This is why 99% become very poor (selling low) and only 1% become very very wealthy.