Weekly Riddles Challenge #08

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Hello Everyone!

First of all, I wish all of you happy Eid Al Fitr! May you stay blessed and prosperous!

And you're warmly welcome to the 8th weekly riddles challenge! After seven successive weeks, we have entered into the seventh week. It's new month, fresh week and full excitement. Let's start it greatly and grow together. This riddles challenge is not so strange for the blurtians. But who are new, it's informed that it is being organised for several weeks regularly. Join us every Thursday for funs, chats, exchanging ideas, testing intelligence and at the same time a few opportunities to grab rewards also.


Today, I have added two new things :

  • 01- Thought of The Day

  • 02 - Five Lucky Comments From Previous Week


images (92).jpg

Lucky comments winners from last week are :
@tariqueshafique, @tanweeralam, @shahidainullah, @abdulquadir and @taquiuddin. Rewards have been sent to their accounts, here is the screenshot:

From Here Repeated Text

There are three categories in the comments section :

  • 1st category for Riddles Challenge only.
  • 2nd category for General Chats.
  • 3rd Category for Exchanging Ideas & Suitable Suggestions

So, be witty to comment in the specific places for every category.


  • The challenge post is published each Thursday at 09:30 (Indian Time).
  • Total three riddles are asked.
  • After 15 minutes of posting, the first riddle is asked to the participants.
  • 12 minutes is provided to solve the riddle.
  • Whose answer is correct at first, I will vote it to confirm .
  • And then I will send his reward in the 14th minutes of the first riddle.
  • In the same way, 2nd and 3rd riddle will asked in the 30th and 45th minute of posting.
  • Unfortunately, if any riddles isn't solved by any participants within 12 minutes, no one will get the reward for it.


  • On every correct answer, 25 liquid blurts will be given.
  • 100% Upvote from me (@nazirhussain).
  • There will be special rewards for the last week of each month, where 35 liquid blurts will be given for every correct answer.


  • There will be five lucky comments from every week.
  • Five liquid blurts will be given to each lucky comments.
  • It's strong possible that lucky comments should be chosen for different users.
  • There will be a luckiest comment which be selected from all weeks of the month and will be rewarded 20 liquid blurts on the last week of each month.


We are human beings and live on the earth. So, we sometimes fell ill, sometimes disasters ruin our resources and we have to face different kind of difficulties. In these cases, if the challenge is not organised on Thursday, then it will be hold on the next day.


  • To make our community more attractive and fluent.
  • To create a healthy atmosphere.

  • To provide all Blutians an opportunity to meet each others.

  • To have some funs to taste users' minds and bring their intelligence.

  • To produce a nice environment of conversation and exchanging ideas.


  • ❌ Don't abuse anyone.
  • ❌ Don't troll someone.
  • ❌ Don't share nude pics.
  • ❌ Don't raise racism.
  • ❌ Don't do spams.


Perhaps all of you know very well that @rajitsear sir has brought an inspiring and outstanding project called "Blurt Hospital". So, 35% shares of each challenge will go to the project. Share of last week has been sent to his account.


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Nice contest up there. I like how you've been consistent with this. The level of engagement it promotes is also adorable.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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Congratulations @tanweeralam! Your answer is correct at first. You have won 25 blurts. Your rewards will be sent very soon.

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Today is her eleventh birthday.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Congratulations @kamranrkploy! Your answer is correct at first. You have won 25 blurts. Your rewards will be sent very soon.

Edited : kamranrkploy

Congratulations to you

My answer is correct? I checked the internet and it says my answer is wrong.

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Sorry! its kamranrkploy, not you.

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Please check the timing and the answers and then announce the winner. 😂

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It was mistaken by copy paste.
I copied your congratulations comment, pasted for kamranrkploy and forgot to change your name.

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Leap year

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last year was her Tenth Birthday, and this year is her Eleventh Birthday

My answer is correct. I have written everything in this.

Sorry, you have said this year is her birthday. But a particular day is birthday, not a year. That's why I didn't count your answer correct. Hope you understood!

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the latter M

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Your answer is correct but you're late. Please read the post carefully! Join us next week at the fixed time.

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okay Sir

The letter M

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The letter 'm


Letter M

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Congratulations 👏👏🎉🎉

Congratulations @imransoudagar! Your answer is correct at first. You have won 25 blurts. Your rewards will be sent very soon.

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More riddles please

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Has been posted.
And third will be posted after four minutes.

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Hello everyone
Congratulations to all the winners and have a nice day everyday.
Thank you very much

Hello everyone

Hi tanweeralam!
How are you?

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I am fine and you

Same here.

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Feeling great today. Because today our elder brothers have also joined.

I also


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I have a small request to all of you who have participated in this. Participate in the coming week also. And this Weekly Riddles Challenge

make it more successful

Thank you for your kind request and I'm glad that you want to see this challenge more successful. It is on the way. Every week, new users are joining. One day, it will be very successful and many will join serously.

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