The one who sacrifice knows the pain of it...

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Sacrifice , the word that is easy to say or write but very much difficult if has to bring into practice. Everyone in this world can't really sacrifice and only few in this world has this power of sacrificing for others.

Sometimes one has to sacrifice his / her happiness for the family and that is not easy. Despite how many times people come and tell you the benefits or reasons to sacrifice it is not easy.

A question from the readers , Do you think that sometimes sacrifice is the only way of going ahead ? and will you sacrifice your biggest happiness for your mom or dad ? please answer this to me in comments.



I know parents are the one who should understand their kids but in a situation where they are not understanding you will you sacrifice your happiness for their happiness ?

I am confused and there are always yes and no as a answer in front of me. What will the sacrifice do in terms of good and how much harm will be done to me also matters to me.

This is a very small post and believe me life is even smaller but why do we still don't let other live happily. Why are we always worried about the world , so many why's i have in mind with no Answes....

Thank you

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