The Anti-Smartphone Revolution

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I have always referred to smartphones as dumbphones; looks like I was wrong, and dumbphones are real. Dumbphones are the old phones you can still buy for a tenth of the price of a spyphone.

"If aliens came to Earth they'd think that mobile phones are the superior species controlling human beings. And it's not going to stop, it's only going to get worse. Consumers are realizing that something is wrong and we want to offer an alternative." (Light phone co-founder K Tang)

The surveillance economy will soon be the whole economy.

the term surveillance capitalism is not an arbitrary term. Why surveillance? Because it must be operations that are engineered as undetectable, indecipherable, cloaked in rhetoric that aims to misdirect, obfuscate and just downright bamboozle all of us all the time. (Shoshana Zuboff)

Mirror, mirror on the floor, you're not talking any more!
[hammers a nail into the screen]

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Smart Phones and Dumb Humans that's what it is driving to. The smarter the gadgets get it speaks about more and more dumbness about humans

To many smart-ass phones trying to make it in the market it's all to much technology just give me back the flip-phone...hehe :) will be hearing from my lawyers sir !
.....I'm sure I 'tm'd 'dumb-phones over a decade ago...

Smartphones, are not for smart people, and your intelligence is directly correlation to how many 'smart appliances' that you have in your life....

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smartphone, smart TV, smart fridge (wtf), smart hoover (wtfx2) and the ultimate in techno-prison... the smart city. All are spyware.
smart humans - maybe that's your neighbours that spy on you.

I must say, this last couple of years has seriously dented my faith in human intelligence....(and it was ebbing already, way before that)...

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I've been using smart phone since 2013, but I never let go with my dumbphone until last year. I used dumbphone for call and I never put sim card to my smartphone.

Last year I bough another smart phone for backup use of my crypto wallets and apps then almost every transaction are online so I decided to let go my dumbphone. I gave it to my father, he doesn't want smartphone as he always says who will I chat with in the farm, I am talking to my dogs, carabao and plants lol.

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I discovered some tablets without a sim slot!
Bought one for my kid. Huawei make one.

Yes there are tablets without sim slot and they seems cheaper than with sim slot.

I know about a dog, with a smartphone and a crypto wallet, no joke, the owner died and left him this in the will...

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I stuck with the flip phone. I have never owned a smartphone so I don't even know what it's like to have all those bells and whistles. My phone is just that. A phone. Not a computer I take with me everywhere.

I have never regretting my decision.

Get a "dumb phone" folks and leave your computer activity on your laptop or desktop!!!!!

I was the same, until it gets to you, you won't be able to have your normal business life without one.

Many ppl get annoyed I don't reply within 10 seconds. They don't seem to comprehend the device is my secretarial service - I switch it on when I want, not them!

Sir ,
keep it up.

keep what up?


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I'm down to using my stupid smart phone very little, but it's not yet gone. Thanks for the info.

Many feel that the smart phones have liberated us in a way, but the opposite is true.

Seeing that cellphone reminded me of when I was in high school, because I wanted to have it every 1/2 day after school. I worked for almost 2 months and raised money to buy that cellphone.☺