Steemit Communities: Investing in Our Collective Future on Steemit

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Communities Forcast

Steemit has recently introduced communities, which are similar to Subreddits on Reddit. If you do not know what that means, go read about Subreddits on Google. The only difference is:

  1. Ours on Steemit are less in number, and are less populated. The highest Steemit Community is under 20,000 members.

  2. STEEM Communities earn you STEEM, real earnings.

When STEEM forked after TRON bought Steemit Inc, the active user count went way down. The new Minnow Support is a newer concept, and Communities themselves are new. @upvu exists now, etc. STEEM is regrowing. At one time, before STEEM ever hit $1.00 for the first time, every person who came in with $1,000 was acknowledged. That is why the term Dolphin and Minnow exist.

When STEEM had never hit $1.00 people who bought in were called Dolphins.

Now, after the Fork to Hive, those and many others dumped their currency. I am not sure of the exact numbers, but using steemd and other backend Steemit Tools charts could be made depicting how much STEEM Power was lost in 2020 off the site onto the market, and how much is sitting idle and unused. But STEEM is $0.15 because too much of it is on the market, and not enough is locked in as STEEM Power.

As Communities build wealth, and SP is locked away for Community Curation, STEEM will go up in value. STEEM is in a Bear Market, and the Communities are Bear Tools.

Communities cost 3 STEEM to create. Which is about $0.45 right now, but as the price goes up, so does that price. But the STEEM you hold as STEEM Power also goes up.

Communities are so new there is not even a tab yet to view all that have been made. You have to use this URL.

There are maybe 400 Communities now, I am not actually sure, but I made 50 of them. I intend these Communities to exist and grow for 5, 10, 20 years and be centers of research, education, funding and growth. In 2 months there may be 5,000 Communities. In a year it might be like Facebook, which has Millions of groups and pages.

This Decentralizes Steemit.


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Steemit is still awesome. I do better on though.

I plan on Joining APPICS but haven't yet, do you have a link for the app?

Thank you, I just did it.

Here is what we as a Community will all do together to make this a real job or better

  1. Canna-Curate + Minnow Support + Steemit Communities
  2. SBD ---> Blurt
  3. Blurt + Steemit + Canna-Curate on
  4. Steem-Engine Tokens + Steemit Communities
  5. Blurt ---> STEEM Power
  6. STEEM Power to Steem-Engine, back and forth continuously selling Tokens and STEEM as needed for Liquid, or buying BLURT, etc.

We can also start trading Gold and Silver for Currencies, once a few people do that the value will basically be backed by Gold, and the person selling Gold for Blurt at $0.02 makes tons of earnings on the Blurt Moon Ramp.