The Life Story of Lesser Whistling Duck

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Time proved true, in the middle of the month of Ashad, Ramadan noticed that lately some sandflies were feeding in the watery aunt's bills around her house, only to fly away in the evening. A few days later, Ramzan saw a pair of swans nesting in a palm tree. Out of curiosity he climbed the thorny palm tree without thinking. Then he saw a small sand swan house on top of a palm tree. In which there were many days of pale white color and then the mallards came to see the days almost in the absence of the couple but after laying the eggs the female did not disturb the ducks and then about 30 to 35 days passed and suddenly one day she woke up to find four to four in her yard. Five little ducklings are walking around and the moment they see the duckling, they realize that they have fallen from the palm tree and then they stand up on their own.

After observing for a while he realized that some evil crows attacked the duck house and some jumped down from the nest to save their lives. Ramzan, with the help of his wife, catches the ducklings one by one, then they make a beautiful house for the chicks by hanging a mosquito net so that the dogs and cats around them and their worst enemies cannot cry. Sometimes they put some food and drink in a bowl for the chicks to bathe in but the innocent chicks tremble in fear that they need their parents now. Ramzan and other members of his family are very worried about the plight of Hans' innocent little wish. If they return the chicks to their nest, the nasty bugs that come there don't eat all the chicks one by one. So they all take different steps to return the children to their parents.


They first put the sand duck chicks in a cage and put a basket on one corner of the roof and spread a fishing net around the basket. Many of you are surprised but after 15 to 20 minutes the doting mother hears the chicks chirping and rushes towards them and then observes around for a while and freezes whenever she gets a little closer to her adorable chicks. between them. In this country, Ramadan and his younger brother tried to catch the duck by running but failed. The mother got scared and left the chicks and ran away. About 20 to 30 minutes after the bus flew away Baba Haas came to rescue them but they could not catch Baba Hathi. After running away in fear once, the mother is coming who is not coming anymore, so Ramazan's idea is to go to a Mussoorie branch and put the chicks into the cage as if they were eating.

Ducks can easily catch a couple. After about 15 to 20 minutes the mother duck got scared and came back to save the chicks and got stuck in the new trap. Then they both took it from Masa and left it on the balcony. When the chicks returned to their bosom, the people sat quietly with the chicks, but the chicks, who had not eaten anything for several hours, were quite tired, so they brought some small scraps from the pond and released the little family of sand. Ducks eat in cages this Ramadan. He began to eat freely but Ramzan saw that the man was anxious to get out of the cage despite having access to the chicks. Ramazan is very upset to see Mahathi's act as he feels that what they have done with the duck family is not right at all even though their intention was to return the lost children to their parents but when the mother laughs at the process, Ramazan decides to free them.


Now the question is, if they are released, where will the homeless swan family go? The young chicks can no longer fly to their nests in palm trees. Ramzan was sitting far away without thinking about the swan family. Baby sand duck attack Although Ramzan chases away the mischievous animal with a tail, Ramzan is more worried because if he leaves the babies with the mother of the chicks in the canal, these animals can be a danger to the police station at any moment. So Ramzan decided to first take the three chicks with their mother to the pond, then he would observe and see where the bird Adama went with the chicks. Ramzan thoughtfully puts the three chicks in a bag and Arma reaches the pond with the bird in hand. Then his younger brother first released them into the water, followed by Ramadan and the rats.

frees him but the same Mabali laughs and runs away and in the meantime the ducklings are freed and when they reach the middle of the pond but what to do now Ramzan returns home upset and comes home and decides that Bali has left the ducklings. After taking care of himself, Ramzan and his family members would take care of these little ducklings and gradually the chicks would forget about their parents for some time due to the care and love of the family members.

In his backyard, he provides a nice living space for the ducklings with a net on one side and a small pond for them. They eat small pieces in the pond all day long and bathe in a beautiful and pleasant environment. Fully grown now they can live their lives fighting against the hostile environment so Ramadan frees them but close to Ramadan since childhood. The grown-up sand ducklings are free-spirited in love, so they roam the canal all day, but return in the evening to their friend Ramadan.

Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.

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