London’s friendly green parakeets

in travel •  4 months ago 

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for at least two years since I heard about it, and for some reason i never got around to it or finding out where it was but today I got to feed the friendly green parakeets of London. They were originally pets that were released in possibly Victorian times that went on to breed and managed to exist in London and survive the winters. They actually have become quite invasive now and hound Some of our British birds because there is so many of them, but they are very cute and the ones in Hyde Park in the Italian gardens are particularly friendly and will come and feed out of tourists hands you can take them apples and fruit and nuts. We took some grapes and apricots so which they wouldn’t even touch. I think they get a lot of choice because a lot of people feed them . Enjoy the videos and pictures longer want to come but I have so much footage I’m so behind










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interesting that they are around and interact with humans
they are like pigeons
nice photos and video