Less Than Two Months Till The Midterms

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There are less than two months until the Midterm elections here in the United States of America and I'm getting pretty excited about it. Naturally, this time around, like in the 2020 election, I will be supporting Republicans generally.

Right now, I'll be focusing on the governorship in the State of Florida. Although there are many other politicians to talk about such as my US District representative in the House of Representatives and my Statehouse Representatives, Ron DeSantis has been in the news lately because of the situation with migrants being sent to Martha's Vineyard.

Originally, I didn't really like Ron DeSantis, but he grew on me over his time in office. Him combatting and pushing back against progressivism and the false Democrat propaganda really pushed me towards his camp. Lately, I've been pretty bothered by the progressive movement, Black Lives Matter, and the fact that some Democrats want to push puberty blockers onto children. It's been a pretty insane few years, but I think for the sake of American sanity, and Floridian culture, Ron DeSantis is the best choice for Governor instead of Charlie Christ. Charlie Christ used to be governor here in the State of Florida, but I can't remember anything memorable that he has done other than improve our education system. Yet, Ron DeSantis is doing just that by ensuring that students learn more about the horrors of communism, and socialism, and of course teaching them the importance of financial literacy.

By pushing back against progressives and by actually supporting legislation that will benefit young students, he is the only choice that I believe will protect Floridian interests. This is just a small minor opinion, there are loads more that I can discuss, but I guess for now this is a nice quick little summary of my views about him. We need a strong leader that isn't afraid to push back against progressive narratives and propaganda.

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