7 Struggles I Face As A Small YouTuber//Simming With Jazz

in vlog •  2 months ago 

This is a video that I made about small YouTuber problems that I face. Now I decided to talk about different issues because everyone struggles with views and coming up with content
ideas. More or less, I struggled with getting non-subs to understand that I didn't have
the money for better equipment every time they pointed out something peculiar they saw/heard.
0:00 Intro
0:04 opening statement
1:20 referencing first video
2:18 very confused about the comments about my audio
3:12 people complaining about me playing games I can afford
4:43 being taking out of content
6:11 when people can't tell constructive advice from outright hating
7:47 subtle feedback
9:50 getting non-subs to understand your channel
13:09 closing statement

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