How the weekend is going

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On Saturday, I want to rest and go out to dance in the morning. Today, even if I stay at home, my waist still feels tired. I just lie on the sofa all day, and I don’t even bother to cook dinner. I will give Huanhuan to let him and his friends go out. time to eat.

I paid Huanhuan another 299 and applied for abacus mental arithmetic. Anyway, it is cheap now, there are 40 class hours, and it can be used within two years, so in addition to basketball, he also applied for abacus mental arithmetic. Looking at our newspaper, he also reported it. Anyway, the two children liked to play together, and reported that there was a caregiver


I sent a message to inform that Xuanxuan’s mother also signed up. I knew that he sent a message, saying that the whole family planned to return to their hometown for development. A few days ago, I heard from her that she was unemployed, and later said that her father was on a business trip in India. I'm going back to my hometown. It is estimated that I will often travel abroad this year, and it is not very safe. It is better to go home and develop. If I lose my job, many things will change and I will pack it back. I hope I can finish this safely. In a few years, let Huanhuan finish reading the book.

I watched a TV series for a day, the title is "Bride Between Flowers", and I finally finished watching it. It was pretty good at first, but I didn't feel that it was particularly good-looking. However, I still finished watching it. The main protagonist in it is really good. Handsome and charming.

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