Who Else Hate MS Teams Ringing Tone?

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You may have seen that I speak a lot about Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is annoying and useful, which shows irritating behavior sometimes. It made me nut when it shows the wrong online status. I am not going to speak about how teams are, but how I feel when I hear its call ringing tone.

It is one of the most horrifying sounds I have heard of. Is that the same with you too? Recently I saw plenty of tik-toks and memes which speak about this. Does it mean most people hate to hear this sound? Let's have a look.

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It is fun to see 1.9K people react to this sound is very annoying and scary. Each time when I post about this plenty of my friends share particular posts and that's where I realized I am not the only person who hates this.

Why do I hate this sound?
Because I know something is not good already. I am so nervous to hear which system is down or which API is failing. And also this beat feeling me down.

Today I saw a cool tik-tok that encourage me to move to a different Teams Ringing Tone.


It is called Remix the remixed version of the default ringing tone. It is really fun and has added some positive vibe to a normal horrifying beat.

I am so curious to know how many of you hate the Default Teams Call Ringing tone. Don't forget to try out the Remix version also.

settings -> call -> Ringtones :)

Good Luck

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yeah i can feel your pain

Posted from https://blurt.live

🥲 🤜🤛

All my ringtones are off - apart from the actual phone - which nobody calls - unless selling me something in a language I don't understand, or someone has died. Peace.

Oh.. isn't it boring 🤦

is being psychologically triggered by a ringtone... NOT boring?

I don't need others to adjust my boredom quotient ;-)



Default Meeting Ringtones 🥓

Sound of panic