Nazirhussain Contest #04 Winners Announcement

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Hello Community!

I'm going here to announce the winners of my 4th contest and distribute prizes to all the contestants also. So let's start!


Nazirhussain 4th monthly came to an end successfully few days ago but I winners announcement couldn't come at time because I was very busy with family matters.

However, this contest couldn't get succeed as I thought and wished. Four contestants entered their entries. All entries are valid and nice. Thanks all participants for taking part in this contest.


01- @jay-one

🔶Topic Related Contents:51/55
🔶 Sentence Correction : 13/15
🔶Post's Attraction : ~~~8/10
🔶Post's Quality : ~~~~~ 8/10
🔶 Related Photos : ~~~~ 10/10
💠 Total Marks : ~~~~~~~90/100

02- @kahkashanrkploy

🔶Topic Related Contents:53/55
🔶 Sentence Correction : 13/15
🔶Post's Attraction : ~~~9/10
🔶Post's Quality : ~~~~~ 9.5/10
🔶 Related Photos : ~~~~ 10/10
💠 Total Marks : ~~~~~~ 94.5/100

03- @merit.ahama

🔶Topic Related Contents:52/55
🔶 Sentence Correction : 14/15
🔶Post's Attraction : ~~~9/10
🔶Post's Quality : ~~~~~ 9/10
🔶 Related Photos : ~~~~ 10/10
💠 Total Marks : ~~~~~~ 94/100


🔶Topic Related Contents:50/55
🔶 Sentence Correction : 14/15
🔶Post's Attraction : ~~~8.5/10
🔶Post's Quality : ~~~~~ 9/10
🔶 Related Photos : ~~~~ 10/10
💠 Total Marks : ~~~~~~ 91.5/100

Dear Participants!

I have tried my best to give all of you marks according to your contents meticulously, even though if someone is dissatisfied, I apologize him by my heart.

Well, I don't want you to wait any longer and any further delay, Now I'm going to announce the winners of the contest with full of energy and enthusiasm, and.....
Prize : 70 liquid Blurts + 100% upvote from @leifasaur.

is ......@merit.ahama
Prize : 60 liquid Blurts + 80% upvote from @leifasaur.

is...... @alberto0607
Prize : 50 liquid blurts + 60% upvote from @leifasaur.

180 liquid Blurts have been sent to all three winners according to their positions and they will be upvoted in the way that I have described. So, please be patient!
A big congratulations to all the winners!



There was only contestant except winners. I announced 70 liquid Blurts would be given to all the participants except them equally as consolation prize. 40 liquid blurts have been sent because of one participant.



  • to the sponsor of the contest @leifasaur sir for giving their priceless votes to the winners. The more I thank him, the less it will be,

  • and again to @elkezaksek mam also for accepting a small share of this contest for her Uganda Project!


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I have voted the winners the agreed upon votes. I could not vote for their original posts though as they are all over 7 days old. But I posted on one of their posts that I could still vote on and left a comment. Congrats to all the winners.

I'm grateful to you for this. Thank you so much sir for supporting this contest and giving your precious time!

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Surprised with this selection, thank you very much for this award and congratulations to all the winners.

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Nicely done. Congratulations to all winners

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Thank you so much for visiting!

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Congratulations to the winners!
And thank you very much for the donation Nazirhussain !

You're heartily welcome mam!
Keep your good deeds!

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Congratulations to all the winners!

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Congratulations to the winners





And we say thank you to the sponsors



Lastly, thank you to the organizer



Congratulation to all the participants And winners

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