How to deposit and withdraw BLURT on Ionomy Exchange.

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Hello Blurt Community, Today I'm going show to you, how to deposit and withdraw BLURT on Ionomy Exchange.

Trade with BLURT

There are a total 4 pairs on Ionomy and the most active market pair is BLURT-BTC so my suggestion is trade with BLURT-BTC
Here is the total pairs list with BLURT

Deposit BLURT on your Blurt Wallet.

Go to your Ionomy Wallets


and simply click on send icon in BLURT coin,


  • Enter your BLURT username in the Recipient field
  • Leave it blank in the Memo field
  • Enter the Amount how much you want to withdraw
  • Withdrawal Fee is 25 BLURT
  • If you have set up 2FA code, enter the 2FA code and
  • Click on send Botton
  • Your will receive a confirmation mail in your mailbox, confirm the mail, within a few minutes you will receive BLURT coin your BLURT Wallet.

Withdraw BLURT to Ionomy Exchange.

Go to your Ionomy Wallets, and click on Depost icon in BLURT coin.

Here you will get Deposit Address and BLURT Memo

Now go to your BLURT Wallet and login with active key and click on transfer.



  • Sent to ionomy
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your BLURT Deposit Memo from the Ionomy Exchange.
  • and click on send, within few second your will receive BLURT coin in your Ionomy Exchange Wallet

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Very comprehensive tutorial! I have learnt something very important today

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This worked for me 8 days ago...



I did the exact same thing yesterday...


And nothing has been received to ionomy.

Do you have any idea what's gone wrong?

you can report to ionomy team,

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Thanks. I did this last night and no response. It looks like transfers of BLURT to ionomy aren't working. Others are having the same issue.

ok, I am informing to Ionomy team

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This kind of info is great. Thanks for making this post!

Thank you for this tutorial but the withdrawal fee is too high for people don’t they think?

Anyways thank you for putting this out, at least knowing this i won’t get to fall victim of using them 😁😁😁

I appreciate this tutorial.

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Blut sending fee is high in Ionomy exchange, shipping fee is very low in probit, but there is only blurt / btc trading pair.