How to deposit and withdraw BLURT on PancakeSwap.

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Today I'm going show to you, how to deposit and withdraw BLURT on PancakeSwap.


  • You must have a computer. ( you can't deposit blurt using a phone, in case you have to use Kiwi Browser it's only available for Android Smart Phone, but you can withdraw BLURT coin using your Smart Phone.
  • You must login Your Blurt account with WhaleValut chrome extension
  • Binance Wallet or Metamask chrome extension.

Deposit BNB, ATOM, or CAKE coin on your Binance Smart Chain to buy BLURT coin.


  • Select the ATOM or CAKE coin
  • In the address field your Binance Chain address
  • Network must be BSC BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Import BLURT coin on your Binance or MetaMask extension wallet.

Binance Wallet extension Wallet.

Trade BLURT on PancakeSwap

Go to and select and import BLURT and ATOM or CAKE or which coin you have in your wallet, and buy BLURT coin.


Deposit BLURT on your Blurt Wallet.

Go to and connect your Binance Wallet or Metamask extension wallet.

  • Your wallet must be in Smart Chain


  • Connect your wallet
  • Select BLURT coin
  • Type the amount of BLURT (minimum is 1000 BLURT)
  • Deposit Fee is 2%
  • Type your Blurt username in Destination Address
  • and click on SWAP to processed
You will receive your BLURT coin on your Blurt wallet within a half-hour.

Withdraw BLURT to PancakeSwap

Go to Blurt Wallet and clink transfer



  • Transfer to bridge24
  • Type the amount (minimum 10000 for now)
  • Type your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) address in the memo field
  • Then click Next.
You will receive your BLURT coin on your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) within a half-hour.

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Awesome. Thanks for the guide. I am going to reblog for future reference as I am new to Blurt.

It's been a few hours, and blurt has not been deposited into my wallet from bridge24. What's wrong with bridge24?

Thank u so much for this important info❣️❣️

lol you got a bit of blurt from this post to send over there

Thank you VERY much! I've been wondering how to do this, gatta try it out!😀

Great piece of information, I will surely need this, when the time arises 🤑
Keep up with the enlightenment

Good stuff.

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This is a valuable information you've got here. Thanks. Cheers!

This is very helpful.

It is very interesting to trade Blurt on Pancake swap.
I love this tutorial. I would to notify the reader that there is a difference between bBlurt tokens address and Blurt on the Binance Smart chain network.
It is important to try a small amount first. Otherwise, you will lose your fund.

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Thank you for introducing our service.

It's a great information I was looking for since, but this process is not for me lol... 😅

Great guide!!! I didn't know that BLURT could be bought on PancakeSwap. Thanks for the information.


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Very happy to see this post from you! The problem that has been bothering me for a long time is now solved!

One thing I don't quite understand! I sincerely hope to get your clarification, I would like to express my gratitude!

When I transfer BLurt to the "BSC" chain, is the "comment field" filled in the "BLurt" receiving address? But I am not sure: is the "BLurt" I add to the "BSC" chain the following contract address? I'm afraid I've added the wrong one! Can you see if it is this contract?







this one is the contract address. 0xb0458283033e5a3f7867f409477f53754b667dcc

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Thank you so much for this detailed information
I have reblogged it for future reference

Me too. Future reference ASAP

Hello @zahidsun
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Very good information sir.surely this help new users.thank you very much

I like this. I have been looing for a detailed explanation. Thank you

Gracias por dar respuesta a mi duda muy amable, rápida y oportuna...

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Nice write-up simple and clean. Right now is not the best time but in the future it will be nice to have some more places to move liquid blurt around to and participate in more Defi.

Yeah bro! I want to learn crypto trading that will give me profit. Please can you teach me?

Meanwhile I have an active post on r2cornell, please visit my blog to check it out!! Thanks in advance!

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