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As committed in the DBF (DAO Blurt Fund) proposal, this is the second bi-weekly report for BlurtKey, Tools, and Custom APIs. Below is the summary of the latest developments.

1. BlurtKey

The next feature for BlurtKey is the Governance module.

I just hit a snag along the process of porting it because of the updated dependencies. The current published open-release version crashes upon boot up. There were a lot of changes from the base source codes of Hive Keychain.

Here are screenshots of the Governance module in my local debug/dev version.


1.1. Download the App

App can be download from the links below:

2. BlurtKey API (New!)

BlurtKey uses a web API to get certain information. This time, the info I need to get were the witness rankings. Although this can be retrieved from the chain, I opted to port it the same way as KeyChain and just change it in another iteration if I see the implementation ineffective.

Codes are available in BlurtKey API's open-source repository.

3. Bruno

Bruno still sends multiple notifications sometimes and I still need to troubleshoot/pinpoint which part of its codes causes this. However, I've put this in lower priority for now.

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Hello @eastmael You have done absolutely noble with this new changes and modifications.
Thank you for all you do for BLURT sir

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This is one more new success congratulations for it

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Thank you. Appreciated.

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