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It's been a long time since my last post. Although I've been quiet from posting, I haven't stopped reading.

This is my formal proposal on the maintenance and development of the different tools I maintain and develop for Blurt. Some are in active development, while some are in maintenance.

This proposal requests for the DAO to fund the service and development costs of the tools mentioned below.

1. Under Development

Here are the list of tools that are in active development.

  1. BlurtKey
    • Status
    • Development
      • Publish to AppStore - three issues prevent the app from being published to AppStore
        1. Company Registration
          • Since BlurtKey handles cryptocurrencies, according to Apple's Store Review Guidelines, apps handling cryptocurrencies need to be registered under an Organization Apple Developer account.
          • I already inquired this with @stoodkev (Hive Keychain's CEO) and registering a company is around $800 USD
        2. Free Account Creation
          • Current account creation requires the user to pay for account creation. Although, we have free account creation via Discord, Apple doesn't detect this and only sees signup page with payment
        3. Account Screen Crash
          • Account screen in Android crashes; need to fix this for better UX
  2. Custom APIs
  3. Bruno (
    • Status
      • Currently, Bruno hasn't been sending me notifications. I've been planning to refactor his base codes
    • Development
      • I plan to analyze Bruno's codes and troubleshoot where errors happen why he no longer sends notifications

2. Under Maintenance

  1. - to know your accounts recent activity and pending rewards
  2. Condenser/Wallet Modifications - I work on Condenser and Wallet from time to time such as creating a link for proposals
  3. Blurt + DTube Integration - no active development
  4. - still pending database update

3. Budget

For this proposal, I am applying for a daily budget of 2000 BLURT for a period of 12 months. This daily budget considers future growth by adding a full-time developer.

Depending on Blurt's price, hopefully it's enough to cover:

  • Server/Infrastructure Costs
  • Development Costs
  • Company Registration (for BlurtKey)
  • Hardware Procurement

4. Commitments

I commit to keep all the code produced through this funding opensource. You can find BlurtKey, Blurt Tools, and APIs on their respective repositories in Blurt's openblurt repository.

I commit to write bi-weekly updates for any development updates.

5. Team

@saboin - Advisor
@rycharde - Advisor
@megadrive - Advisor

Support BlurtKey, BlurtTools, and APIs by voting for this proposal through You can also help us by re-blurting this proposal.

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Thank you. Appreciate it.

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I love Bruno and Blurt Now tools. I'll vote for your proposal.

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Thank you.

Reblurted, anyways how to vote for this proposal?

Thank you always for the support. I updated the post to add a link to the proposals page:

Got it, thank you. For the betterment of the blurt ecosystem, my support 100%. Hoping for this proposal will be pushed through and supported by everyone.

More powers the whole team.

I will vote when fake foundation return funds to DAO

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I support your proposal, but until such a time as one can vote directly through the wallet will be unable to vote. I'm wary of using third party tools that need my keys to work. Not meant as an indictment against any third party services, but as we've already seen some accounts as Blurt have been compromised most likely through third party. I believe this happened again recently with the Blurtlatam account.

Hopefully the wallet access to proposals will be fixed soon now that proposals are opening back up so we can go vote directly.

Best of luck. So glad to see you have been able to navigate your way through Apples hoops. You have an amazing team and am sure it will be a success.

I tried on the blurtwallet UI and it works for voting.

You can access it here:

I don't know why there is no link to it. I tried going directly to it sometime this week and found out that the page is there and operational. There just isn't any link to it anywhere. It's probably an oversight from when it was forked from the Hive version of the wallet site.

I never thought about that. Thanks for reminding us. I hope this will be activated on wallets soon as well !

I am sure that this proposal will get funded or pushed through and started right away as soon as possible God-willing.👍

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Thanks be to God.

I will vote for this proposal when I get home. I don’t like to put my active key in my tracking device. Hehe!

Where to vote on proposals ?

Anyone can create a proposal there ? Or we have to contact the team to add it ?

Yes. Anyone can create a proposal.

Great work…. How do I vote for this proposal ? ReBlurtted.

I tried voting for it here:, but Vote BP still shows 0. Must be UI related bug.


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