How To Use blurt-swap To Buy And Sell Blurt On TRIBALDEX/Hive-Engine

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First of all, you need a Hive account, if you don't have an account you can create an account from here-, TRIBALDEX is another front-end of Hive-Engine, so all tokens automatically also appear in Hive-Engine, and you can also trade SWAP.BLURT on Hive-Engine

How To Deposit

To deposit BLURT to TRIBALDEX, just send your BLURT to blurt-swap with the SWAP.BLURT hive account name as the memo. from your wallet here:


Wait a few seconds the BLURT will be on your TRIBALDEX account, and it will appear as SWAP.BLURT


How to Withdraw

To withdraw BLURT from TRIBALDEX to Blurt Wallet, go to TRIBALDEX, in the wallet clink on Withdraw button
Select the token BLURT


then type the amount and in the Withdrawal Address type your BLURT account name, and click on Withdraw SWAP.BLURT.


Wait a few seconds the BLURT will be on your Blurt Wallet

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Tried this today and it didn't work at all

Join official discord server ,

Can't you just explain the method better? I can't use discord

Thank you for your information. I'm trying dignity of your ideas.

Hi i tried the way above and lost the blurt and still have not been able to transfer the coins.

Hi i tried the way above and lost the blurt and still have not been able to transfer the coins.

Dear sir, I have a question asking for you. In my hive.engine or tribaldex wallet there are 462 BLURT(NOT SWAP.BLURT). How can I tranfer them into my blurt wallet? Looking forward to your answer. Many thanks to you.

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Blurt to the moon 🌕

Brother Zahid, you have shown the whole process in such a beautiful way that no one is supposed to be a problem. And you have the opportunity to know about me through Seri. Sometimes you give us the disease in the disc of Bangladesh. It feels very good. Good luck to you Allah Hafez.

Great and helpful post

Hi, @zahidsun,

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Excellent posting dear very helpful for us my good wishes for you dear sir

I'm already using Tribaldex, and have added liquidity in the SWAP.DFY:SWAP.STATE pool. Seems interesting.... Thanks for posting this guide...

Thank you for the information. I am trying to transfer swap.blurt from tribaldex to my blurt wallet, but when I click on withdraw there is no blurt option - has it been removed?

I used it last night to get some BLURT.
I was able to withdraw to BlurtWallet.

Thanks my friend, it now seems to be working for me - just wasn't giving me the option last night. Good to see you over here - I've not long joined and will be blogging in the next week or so.

I already appreciate the Resource Costs driving this chain...
MUCH nicer than just a NinjaPreminedGestapo telling you what every keystroke means.
High Regards!

Thank you for your information~^^

Hey, @zahidsun

First of all, you need a Hive account

thats the wrong start in your post!

👉 First of all, you need a Blurt account 👈

i see the last weeks ervrytime:

Hive there, Hive here and Hive ervry where???

Why we don't build our own a Blurt-Engine

cheers 🤠

if you were withdrawing to an exchange you'd need an account there. If you have a Hive account you can trade tokens and you can also post your content there or play the games or whatever. It's not a bad thing.

I agree, it would be very nice to see a Blurt-engine or something like that, however, the community needs to be larger and more influential. The devs are already swamped as is, without much support all that effort will be wasted instead of focused on other priorities that can ensure the integrity of the chain and the front-end website.

Here's to hoping we get the support we need.

thx, for reply!

Here's to hoping we get the support we need.
Oh yes, i hope too!!
cheers 🤠

Such a really nice work.

I am a new user of this platform . As a new user i always wanted to know about the withdraw method . In that case your post is a very informative one for me. And i think it is helpful to all new user . On the behalf of all new user i am thanking you from my pure heart.

Thanks for indications!

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is it the 'blurtlink' function still ON, or that just be deactivated ?

Great post are their minimums?

The fee is not so high but higher than Huobi .
It cost me nothing to send any coins from there but HE is 1%
What about Tribaldex ?
Thanks for the post

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Thanks information @zahidsun👍

I think any user can learn your post. Thanks

I am still waiting for more developments, the ease of use for trading /buy/sell at hive engine will help the #blurt economy @zahidsun

it also appear in Hive-engine

Once deposited, do we then need to transfer BLURT from Tribaldex to Hive Engine ~ or does it also appear in Hive Engine automatically ?


Thanks, I just tried it ~ Worked perfectly & very fast indeed 😎

Hi Zahid. Thank.!

Thanks to making this easy