Blurt witness update : Updated my witness properties !

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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

Yesterday @jacobgadikian wrote a post suggesting witnesses to increase the fees looking at the current situation of blurt. After that i talked with other witnesses to know what they think about this and then took a decision of changing my witness props as well.

Few users are happy with this few are sad and few actually do not care what is happenning. I decided to explain some dos of taking this step but due to busy schedule i was unable to write anything regarding the same until now.

Thanks to @freakeao who has made a publication today where he has explained very well on why witnesses have increased the fees. I would recommend anyone who wants to know the reason behind this change to go and read the publication by freakeao.

Link to the publication of freakeao

So you can head over to the above link and read it to have a more clear idea. Obviously there will be some disadvantages of increasing the fees as well and for that also Team powerclub ( ran by me , zahidsun , and , imransoudagar ) is planning something.

We will make a publication from powerclub account soon so stay tuned to know about our plans. Coming back to the point of changing witness props , i have done it already.

The fees are subject to change / remain same based on how many witnesses from the top 20 decides to change their witness props.


I actually changed my laptop recently and thats why i had to first spend sometime finding the details of my server. Also my brain keys were in old laptop that is almost dead from where i took all the important files in my HD.


So many more is still left to write , i thought of writing a blog about a success investment made just four days ago but again lack of time holded me back from doing so.

Stay tuned , i will be back with more blogs soon.

Thank you

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