WITNESS UPDATE @outofthematrix - It never gets boring on Blurt! 🤬

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Good morning to all of you beautiful Blurtarians out there!

During the night, there has been absolute carnage in the witness list... Ctime went on a Blurt buying spree and voted Fervi up to position #1.

That is the reason why you are seeing the Blurt price shoot up... 🚀📈

In the course of that, he revoked over a dozen witness votes, including myself.

Throwing me directly out of the top 20... I dropped from position 13 to 24...

You can see that here in the graphic:


Ctime was the last of my big votes, now I am more than ever dependant on your vote to get back into the top 20 witness list...

You can vote for my witness here: https://blurtwallet.com/~witnesses?highlight=outofthematrix

Obviously, he thinks he can run Blurt all by himself along with Fervi.

I personally think, that he is doing Blurt more harm than anything else. His communication is very destructive and he has absolutely no interest in trying to uphold a normal conversation with the founders/core dev.

All I have been reading the past days are insults over insults. That is definitely NOT the way to bring Blurt to the next level.

His behaviour is absolutely counterproductive, lacking any form of diplomacy. I actually wonder, why he behaves that way... It is HIS OWN INVEST, that he is damaging along side...

Nevertheless, I really appreciate his ongoing curation. I hope he keeps that up for the sake of all Blurt users..? We will see...

Yet again, I want to explain the new witness voting algorithm to you:

If you have 100000 BP and you vote for 30 witnesses, each witness is only getting 3333 of your Blurtpower! If you vote for just one witness, he/she alone will recieve ALL of your 100000 BP!

  • If you vote for 2 witnesses: Each witness recieves 50000 of your Blurtpower
  • If you vote for 3 witnesses: Each witness recieves 33333 of your Blurtpower

...and so on and so on...

So if you want, that your vote has a bigger impact, vote less witnesses!

Wishing all of you a fantastic start into your day! 🙏🍀🌞

Please vote for my witness! 🗳️ It would be much appreciated!


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Congratulations.. You're again in top 20.

Thanks to a nice vote from @offgridlife 🙏🍀🌞 He made my day! 🌞👍

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Hmmm interesting...
So what caused the BLURT price increase?

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ctime is buying up every blurt token... good for the price.... 🤷‍♂️

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Oh are they?
It seemed you were saying the price rose because they changed their witness votes.

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No, changing witness votes doesn't affect the price... ctime is buying like crazy... 📈

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You are 100% right in everything you say....but it's all good! I love this place! lol I think maybe I need to thank @ctime for making this place so fun and exciting!

This is promotion too mate... 😂


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Ya sé lo que ha ocurrido

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ok 👍😜

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Good post dude you deserve 20

Thanks a lot bro! 🙏🍀

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Great post, great author, great witness 👍

Thanks bro! 👍🍀🌞 It is much appreciated!!!! Thanks for keeping up the conversation with @fervi !!!!! 🙏 THAT is the only way, to get things done here!!!! 🏆

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Yep, and I'm sure he can do some great things too here on Blurt, I really appreciated the exchanges we had ;)

Very interesting! Thanks for the update, hope the management will manage

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Yes, it is a bit bumpy at the moment... A lot of drama... Again, this shows me that an independant witness with no big votes is the best witness.... 👍

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Keeps things interesting I guess 😁

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I already told @world-travel-pro: It's a Telenovela!!!!! 😂

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Wish you all the best @outofthematrix for getting into top-20.

Thanks a lot mate! 🙏🍀

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It's crazy what's happening. But diversification lol. I hope you'll be back in the top 20 witnesses soon. Greetings brother, I hope you are well

I'm fine mate, glad to be rid of any big voters... That way I can say my opinion open and directly... 👍

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Do not despair, you will return to the top 20.

I will fight my way back buddy... 👍😉

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