Food for Thoughts: PRAY AND WORK

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We are a generation of believers who have increasingly less faith yet believe so much in prayers (that is, hoping that all those "I receive", "I believe", "I claim it", loud Amens and other loud and strange sounds are actually counted by God as prayers). I may choose to call that "spiritual fraud"; because it gives one the false impression that even without working hard or making wise decisions, one can simply "receive" prosperity. That is definitely from the evil one. As far as heaven is concerned, you cannot pray wealth into being, you must also work for it and make the right decisions.

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This mentality leads people to believe that there is a spirit or demon behind everything, and therefore we only need to bind and cast the demon and all will be well. It doesn't work that way; it wasn't even meant to work that way. Our prayers must agree with the work we are putting in, then even a little work can yield so much results because the hand of God is upon it. The formula is: pray your work, and work your prayers.

We have spent more time praying against poverty than we have put in trying to help people around, whom we can. All those long years of prayer have yielded nothing and it sometimes makes us want to blame God for not answering our prayers. But that is so wrong; God answers such prayers by blessing some people more than others, and as long as those people realize that being blessed more than others is an implicit call to help those not so blessed, we shall live in a happy world. Since we have failed to see it that way, then it becomes mere futile wishful thinking, and no more prayers. Do not only pray for the poor, help the poor; do not only pray for a just and peaceful world, work for it in the world around you, the part of the world where God has placed you.

Remember always this rule of the thumb: pray your work and work your prayers. Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on you. Always pray and work.

Peace be with you!

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Prayers are beautiful thank you to God 🙏🏻

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Prayers are indeed a channel of connecting us to God. We must therefore persevere in prayers and not forget also to work.

Whqt do you think of the killing of christians in Nigeria Last Sunday ?

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It is actually very terrible and disturbing, peace in the country is an illusion. We only go to bed praying that the next day will be better. To make matters worse, the media does not report these stories the way they are. I recently made a post about this.

Medias have never said anything true

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They keep covering up the truth. Thanks for your concern... It is consoling to see people concerned with our ugly situation here in Nigeria. This gives us hope

Yes i published a post about it , so much lies covering up nasty stories .
I wish you good luck and all the best 🪸🙏🏻🪸

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I have tried scrolling down to read your post about it but I haven't seen it


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Thank you @opidia

My pleasure , always nice to read peaceful posts 🙏🏻

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I always enjoy his wise words. Thanks for sharing